Protecting the Women’s Rights in Georgia

The Situation: Patriarchal systems and culture prevent women from holding equal positions in Georgia. In 2011, many women still lacked decision-making power, and women’s political participation had decreased in recent years. To raise awareness, the International Foundation Women’s Political Resource Centre (WPRC) opened the “Frontline Center” to hold workshops, art exhibits, films and discussions on women’s rights. In late 2011 many women involved in the Center’s activities came under attack by men in the community. In one instance, a feminist photographer was attacked and brutally beaten.

The Rapid Response: In response to the increasingly dangerous situation for women’s human rights defenders, WPRD used a Rapid Response Grant to increase the space’s security by installing iron bars on the doors and windows and a security system.

The Impact: The increased security allowed WPRC to continue their human rights work in Georgia.