This is Courage: Young Indigenous Leaders Speak Out

QuetzalliEnrique2Quetzalli Enrique is still a high school student, but she is already a leader. During her freshman year, she delivered a statement for the Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

As a young Indigenous woman living in Arizona, Quetzalli says she is driven by a desire “to preserve her culture for the generations to follow… When I look at my younger nieces and nephews, I know that the future generations are already here. They are not yet aware of the struggles that came before them or the struggles they are bound to face, but they motivate me to do what I can to continue the fight.”

Quetzalli was selected to represent the Izkaloteka people and the Indigenous youth of North America at a preparatory meeting for the 2014 World Conference for Indigenous Peoples.

“My vision is to expand opportunities for young Indigenous women to have their voices heard and to be active participants in defending our rights.”

Urgent Action Fund awarded a rapid grant that enabled her to participate and to help shape the Global Platform on Indigenous Rights that will ultimately be presented to the United Nations.

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