Courageous Activists, Resilient Communities

Everyday, women take action to make their communities more equitable, more just, and more resilient. Urgent Action Fund exists for these activists. We think they are the most courageous women we know.

UAF.AR2014.CoverThey speak out against sexual violence in Nepal, stand up for peace in Gaza, and march to end police brutality against Black women and transgender people in the United States. They are leaders in their communities, working to ensure that women and girls are able to live free from violence and discrimination. We invite you to read their powerful stories in our 2014 annual report.

Urgent Action Fund is there for activists when they come under fire. In 2014, our 66 rapid security grants improved the safety of women facing violence, imprisonment, harassment, and isolation because of their activism.

We also act during moments of great opportunity, when political windows finally open. In 2014, our 57 rapid opportunity grants supported advocacy efforts to change laws and set new precedents for equality.

Your tremendous support helps make this work possible. As a result, activists have persevered, communities are stronger, and we are a step closer to realizing a more just world.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and for standing with women and transgender activists on the frontlines of justice and equality. Their strength and leadership creates more resilient communities for us all.