#Give2Courage: Kemal Ordek

kemal.couragecardTHE ACTIVIST: Kemal is an activist for transgender rights, and Chair of the Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association, which works to improve the health and safety of sex workers in Turkey.

THE CONTEXT: Turkey’s transgender community faces unbelievable hardships every day. In addition to alarming rates of discrimination, violence, and arrests, Turkey has the highest murder rte of transgender people of any country in Europe.

THE IMPACT: With rapid support from Urgent Action Fund, Red Umbrella brought together transgender sex workers from across the country to create a concrete list of recommendations to prevent future violence. Kemal and others met face to face with government officials and journalists in Turkey to share these recommendations and to bring visibility to the human rights violations that transgender sex workers face.

“Unless transgender women are guaranteed with rights and protection against violence, all women will remain vulnerable to human rights violations.”