Women stand their ground — from Standing Rock to Boeung Kak

Land, natural resources, and the environment are vital issues for women human rights defenders around the globe. Urgent Action Fund supports this work in countries from Cambodia to the United States. This week, we supported two movements working on these issues, each led by courageous women standing up for the land and for their communittepvannyies.

  • We provided a rapid advocacy grant to a Native American women’s group playing a critical role in peaceful protests to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from traversing the Standing Rock Reservation. The folks over at Credo also launched a petition to support the protests that you can add your name to here.
  • And, we awarded a rapid security grant to assist Tep Vanny, a young woman arrested for leading a peaceful protest against a massive development that forced the evictions of local communities in Boeung Kak Lake, Cambodia.

When women lead environmental and land rights movements they often face particularly vicious backlash and attempts to silence their voices. You can join us in supporting women on the frontlines of these struggles by making a gift today.

Photo: Tep Vanny. Source: Vital Voices.