“Courage is facing the dread and not letting it defeat you”

Kate Kroeger, Urgent Action Fund

Whatever you are feeling right now: anger, sorrow, anxiety, disbelief, fear, please know all of these responses are valid. We are also feeling these emotions, today.

Our founders’ felt these same emotions when they sat down 20 years ago to start Urgent Action Fund. They too saw women under attack and understood that more work needed to be done. They created space and an organization that has the backs of women’s rights activists during especially difficult times.

We are still working through difficult times, today. Both internationally, and here in the United States.

Over the years, Urgent Action Fund has provided 73 rapid response grants to women and transgender activists in the United States. These infusions of resources at critical times:

  • helped Native American women advocate for their access to reproductive health care when the delivery of that care was blocked on reservations.
  • paid for the installation of security systems at a Muslim-American women’s organization after it was threatened by a white supremacist group.
  • resourced #BlackLivesMatter and #NoDAPL protests during their earliest weeks of activism before other resources could be identified.
  • and, much more.

In the weeks and years ahead, activism, especially for women’s rights and LGBTQI equality, is going to matter even more. Urgent Action Fund will be there.

Here’s how:

  • We’ve opened our Oakland office today to anyone who wants to stop by – for a cup of tea, for a hug, to strategize.
  • We’ve immediately launched an emergency fund for women’s rights & LBTQI activism in the United States. This fund will support urgent responses to backlash here in the US and provide critical infusions of resources to invest in the resilience of our movements. Please donate to the emergency fund. (Select “Emergency Fund” from the list of options for your gift.)
  • We’re reaching out to our colleagues in countries around the world where the US election results may give other authoritarian governments a feeling that they have a “blank check” to crack down on women’s rights and LGBTQ equality. We’ll be taking proactive steps to support activists in these countries.

This is an open invitation to join us in standing up for courage. Please consider a gift to our emergency fund for women’s rights & LBTQI activism in the US.

Last, but not least, know that in just the past few hours activists from around the world have reached out to us – offering to share strategies and words of solidarity.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan, an activist for Dalit women’s rights and many other just causes, wrote today: “courage is the ability to face the dread and not let it defeat you.”

We see this courage everyday around the world and know it lives here in the United States too. Join us. Fund courage. Stand with courage.