Moving forward fiercely

Engaged colleagues and friends – Urgent Action Fund has received requests from activists in California, New York, and Washington facing serious threats/attacks to their physical bodies, homes and offices.

We have also heard from feminist activists in countries such as Russia, Turkey, and India. They worry that the results of our recent election give a green light for governments to disregard or violate human rights and silent voices of dissent.

In frightening and uncertain times, social justice movements need access to funding that is quick, responsive, and flexible. Urgent Action Fund’s global focus and capacity to move money to the grassroots, where and when it is needed most, poise us to be a secure, nimble contender amidst the haze of disheartening global politics.

Creating the Emergency Fund for Women’s Human Rights and LBTQI Rights Activism in the United States responds to a concrete need. The requests are coming in.

Give to the emergency fund for women’s rights & LBTQI activism today

There are many things that can be done. We can each stand up for values we hold dear if we see them threatened in our community. A concrete way to take your own stake in this fight is to provide support for organizations that are moving resources to those who are doing the work. Continue to support the incredibly brave women who have been at the frontlines tirelessly fighting. And I encourage you to consider the ways in which your donation is supporting the women and trans people stepping up to the frontlines for the first time. Maybe your donation is you stepping up to the frontlines, too.

P.S. – You can join in our effort to provide emergency support to activists in the US – consider a gift today:

P.S.S. – If you witness hate speech, or attacks first hand here is a resource to help you safely intervene and report.