#Give2Courage: Native Youth Sexual Health Network


NYSHNTHE ACTIVISTS: Native Youth Sexual Health Network is a collective led by and for Indigenous youth and three Indigenous youth councils from across Turtle Island that work across sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice issues by and for Indigenous peoples in the US and Canada. 

THE CONTEXT: Resisting environmental violence and fighting for sovereignty often leads to disproportionate instances of gender based violence. Indigenous young women, two spirit, trans, and gender nonconforming/nonbinary peoples are often not supported in articulating the realities of resisting such violence.  

THE IMPACT: With rapid support from Urgent Action Fund and in collaboration with Women’s Earth Alliance,  NYSHN launched an Environmental Violence Toolkit. The toolkit provides Indigenous communities with direct tactics to prevent and respond to gender based violence during protests against harmful resource extraction industries. Urgent Action Fund’s support also supported NYSHN to create artistic responses to environmental and gender-based violence.


“We are led by and for Indigenous youth. We address reproductive justice, sexual health, and gender diversity issues. Our aim is to reduce the harm of over 500 years of colonialism.”