2016 Annual Report: #FundCourage

Urgent Action Fund awarded a record 173 rapid response grants in 2016 to protect & sustain women’s, trans, and LBTQI rights activists in over 40 countries worldwide.

We fund resistance. We fund advocacy.
We fund progress. We fund courage.  

We support young women of color mobilizing security trainings in response to police brutality and white supremacy. We sponsor legal assistance and media coverage to fortify women’s reproductive rights in the face of increasing religious restrictions. We document the unique experiences of war that only impact women.

Urgent Action Fund is there for activists when they come under fire. Last year, our 86 rapid security grants improved the safety of women facing violence, imprisonment, harassment, and isolation because of their activism.

We also act during moments of opportunity. Last year, our 67 rapid opportunity grants supported advocacy efforts to change laws and set new precedents for equality.  As an activist partner said, “when doors shut, we come through the window.”

Our 2016 Annual Report: #FundCourage shares these powerful stories. Your commitment, generosity, and partnership ensure that courageous women leaders continue to have access to critical resources.

Click here for a PDF version of the Annual Report.

Thank you for paying attention to and continuing to supporting those on the front lines of change.