Funding locally-led, sustainable disaster relief in Mexico

Urgent Action Fund is a leading rapid responder for human rights crises. When natural disasters strike, long-term, community-led responses are needed. In these situations, we recommend donors give to local women’s funds or other community-led funds as they are best positioned to ensure relief and recovery efforts are funded and lead locally.

To help women’s groups in Mexico with recovery efforts following two major earthquakes there, consider giving directly to Semillas – the Women’s Fund of Mexico. Semillas’ capacity to support and hold the larger vision for women’s rights will be needed as the people and women of Mexico rebuild.

Evi Hernandez, photo credit Semillas.

Fondo Semillas

Semillas is a non-profit organization focused on improving women’s lives in Mexico. We dream of a country where all women, indigenous, mestiza, black, young, migrant, heterosexual, lesbian, mothers, and students alike, can make their own decisions and have access to health services, a decent job, justice, and happiness.

To achieve this, Fondo Semillas supports groups and organizations of women. Throughout the past 25 years, Fondo Semillas has directly benefited more than 640 thousand women and 2.4 million more women, girls, boys, and men indirectly.

Organized women themselves identify the problems they face and propose solutions. Fondo Semillas provides them with economic resources, capacity building, accompaniment, and also strengthens their abilities and alliance building, particularly regarding key actors, such as donors and strategic network building in order to position their work.