#FundCourage: Faika Deniz Pasha


ACTIVISTS: As a member of the Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force, a collective of lawyers, psychologists, and activists from Kurdistan, Turkey, and Cyprus, Faika works to document the experiences of Yazidi women surviving ISIS capture and enslavement.

CONTEXT: Beginning in August 2014, ISIS invaded Northern Iraq and massacred Yazidi, Assyrian, Turcoman, Shia Shabak and Arab populations. Yazidi women, in particular, are systematically targeted by ISIS as “sabaya” – sex slaves.

IMPACT: Urgent Action Fund supported the platform in collecting over 140 testimonies from Yazidi and Kurdish women that survived gender-based violence and enslavement. The platform is also building a growing coalition of local and state parliamentarians to improve the day to day experiences of recovered Yazidi women while raising the visibility of their testimonies to international bodies like the International Criminal Court for formal prosecution.

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