#FundCourage: Krystyna Kacpura


ACTIVIST: Krystyna is the Executive Director of Federation for Women and Family Planning in Poland, an organization dedicated to advancing the basic human right that women have the right to decide if they wish to have children.

CONTEXT: Second to Ireland, Poland has the strictest abortion laws in Europe. In March 2018, an “anti-abortion bill” was unexpectedly reintroduced into Parliment outlawing the termination of even non-viable fetuses and paving the way for imprisonment for women seeking and obtaining abortions for any reason.

IMPACT: Mobilizing quickly with support from Urgent Action Fund, Krystyna and her colleagues contributed with their advocacy campaigns to the highly successful #BlackFriday protests, which gathered upwards of 90,000 people to the streets of Warsaw. They also alarmed the international community about reactionary plans of the government, which triggered interventions by the UN human rights experts, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, and over 200 NGOs from across the globe.

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