Meet Our Newest Team Members

We are rounding out 2018 with a renewed focus on the women’s human rights defenders and non-binary people we support and equally excited to begin 2019 with our newest team members joining us in our fight. Learn more about each of them and please join us in giving them a warm Urgent Action Fund welcome.


Raisa Borshchigova | Program Officer

Raisa, a Chechen born and raised human rights activist is hugely passionate, dedicated, and committed to working towards women’s safety, security, empowerment, and liberation from violence, persecution, and harm. Prior to joining UAF, Raisa worked for the North Caucasus’s largest civil society project, the Young Women’s Development Group,  providing education to teenage girls. In 2016, she was awarded the Galina Starovoitova Fellowship at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute in Washington, DC, where she took residence. There, she began to synthesize years of work on women’s and girl’s rights and LGBT rights as she embarked on transforming her first-hand experiences into academic research.

Belguun “Bella” Bat-Erdene | Grantmaking Coordinator

Belguun’s passion for human rights and feminism is deeply influenced by the strong women in her life. From a young age, she learned great life lessons from her grandmother’s and her single mother’s experience and became committed to advocating for economic, political and social equality for women all over the world.  Belguun’s immigrant and minority women identity drives her to create sustainable social change where women and girls have the right to self-determination. She dreams of creating safe space for women in Mongolia and advancing gender equality.

Development and Communications

Kathleen Klock | Development Manager

Kathleen has worked in nonprofit development for 15 years, helping to support and resource organizations working in New York City and nationally on issues including LGBTQI rights, empowerment for women and girls, opportunities for low-income youth, voting rights, and money in politics. At Lambda Legal, Kathleen supported LGBTQI legal advocacy and had an inside view of the marriage equality movement including the final victory at the US Supreme Court.  In her formative years in non-profit development, Kathleen led fundraising for Row New York, a small nonprofit empowering and uplifting girls and young women through sports participation and academic support.

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