Feminist Activist Are Organizing Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

Today COVID-19 is as much a risk to feminist activists as it was when it first emerges across continents. Activists have been organizing and mobilizing in their communities to be able to respond as they continue to advocate for the rights of women, trans and non-binary activists everywhere.

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic prompted UAF to reimagine what resourcing activists and funding movements looked like. We listened to our advisors and partners, and beginning in March we launched the COVID Crisis Fund for Feminist Activists. With your support, UAF provided over 139 Covid-19 related grants for community-based efforts totaling over $560,000 and supporting an estimated 5,800 people. 

“During COVID-19, our aim wasn’t just to provide help because it was an emergency but because we understood that these communities are being discriminated against and marginalized regardless or a pandemic or now. The pandemic makes their existence and their survival a question… for us it was political to step in and support their survival.”

-Raisa Borshchigova UAF Senior Program Officer

Across the globe, feminist activists continue to fight to keep their communities safe. In Central Asia, our grantees are aiding disability rights activists and organizations that provide emergency relief and well-being support to women living with disabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Indigenous activists are protecting local communities reproductive health rights, land and water rights, and indigenous rights. In the US, we are supporting journalist and feminist writers working to amplify feminist movements, defending sex worker rights, and standing with activists as they document human rights violations during the emergency lockdown. As the Covid-19 crisis continues so does the need for funding. Will you help us continue to support these courageous activists?

This global pandemic was a true test of the rapid and flexible nature of our grantmaking. Because UAF has spent decades with our ear to the ground connecting with activists and advisors, we were able to respond immediately when crisis emerged. Mobilize with feminist movements as they navigate through a year of crisis, uprising, and transformation.