Urgent Action Fund stands in solidarity with Asian Communities

Urgent Action Fund stands in solidarity with Asian communities and the families of those who have suffered loss and pain due to the recent attacks on Atlanta-area spas.

On Tuesday, March 16, Daoyou Feng, Paul Andre Michels, Hyeon Jeong Park, Julie Park, Xiaojie Tan, Delaina Ashley Yaun, and two more people whose names have not yet been released, were murdered in a string of deadly shootings at three Asian spas in the Atlanta area. Six of these eight victims were Asian women. We grieve for them and the other named and unnamed Asian people who have experienced violence.

This devastating hate crime occurred in the midst of an escalation in violence against Asian communities during the pandemic fueled by the xenophobic rhetoric of politicians and policymakers, including former President Trump. The recent surge in anti-Asian violence is rooted in a long history of systemic white supremacist misogyny. Asian women, especially those in low-wage occupations including the beauty service industry and sex work, are disproportionately affected by violence at the intersection of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and economic inequity. Law enforcement’s unacceptable response only serves to perpetuate a culture of impunity for white male violence.

We stand in grief, love, and solidarity with Asian communities and we join them in calling for intersectional, community-led solutions to address the root causes of violence and hate and the realization of accountability and justice for all.