UAF Co-Hosted A Global Solidarity Series: Palestine Episodes

From June to July, UAF and our partners co-organized a series of conversations for funders on building solidarity with historically marginalized communities and social movements in Brazil, Colombia, Palestine, India, and Myanmar. In this Global Solidarity Series, funders committed to addressing structural inequities and standing in solidarity with oppressed people in the Global South acknowledging that they must do their part in understanding the immense challenges facing social movements led by the historically oppressed communities as well as the ways that they can support them.

UAF co-hosted a session on Palestine on June 29th. More than ever before, Palestine has become further recognized as an intersectional feminist issue in the current international discourse adopted by feminist as well as mainstream human rights spaces. There have been recent shifts in discourse, as local Palestinians call for Free Palestine. As we saw the narrative shifting around Palestine, UAF and partners held a panel around questions such as: how can donors move towards the same shift in discourse to support movements in Palestine?

This session provided an overview of Palestine and explored the ways in which donors can support Palestinian movements and understand the intersections between Black-led movements and Palestinian movements.

Meet our panelists/grantee partners and the work they do:

Vivian Sansour: Vivien Sansour is an artist, storyteller, researcher, and conservationist. She uses images, sketches, film, soil, seeds, and plants to enliven old cultural tales in contemporary presentations and to advocate for seed conservation and the protection of agrobiodiversity as a cultural/political act. Vivien founded the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library as part of this work with local farmers and has been showcased internationally, including at the Chicago Architecture Biennale, V&A Museum in London, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, and the Venice Art Biennale. A culinary historian and enthusiastic cook, Vivien works to bring threatened varieties “back to the dinner table to become part of our living culture rather than a relic of the past”. This work has led her to collaborate with award-winning chefs, including Anthony Bourdain and Sammi Tamimi. Born in Jerusalem, Vivien lives in both Bethlehem, Palestine, and Los Angeles, USA.

Here’s the latest on Vivien Sansour: The Woman Saving Palestinian Heirloom Seeds

Haneen Maikey: Haneen Maikey is a queer feminist organizer, co-founder, and former director of the LGBT and queer grassroots organization alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society. In the last two decades, Haneen led the queer movement in Palestine, together with hundreds of organizers and activists, from a small group to a leading national civil society organization. Haneen is based in Jerusalem and has a degree in community organizing (Social Work) and an MA in Community Organizations’ Management. In addition, Haneen has a diploma in “Psychoanalysis in Organizations.” She wrote different articles through the last two decades ranging from the critique on imperial western queer organizing strategies to articles about organizing strategies/vision in the region to different articles and an op-ed about Pinkwashing.

Resources: How Israeli rights groups prevent Palestinians from framing their own reality:–palestine-rights-groups-prevent-palestinians-framing-their-own-reality

No Pride without Dignity:

Barbara Ransby: Barbara Ransby is a historian, writer, and longtime political activist. She is the John D. MacArthur Chair, and Distinguished Professor, in the Departments of African American Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and History at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She also directs the campus-wide Social Justice Initiative, a project that promotes connections between academics and community organizers doing work on social justice.

Professor Ransby has published dozens of articles and essays in popular and scholarly venues. She is, most notably, the author of an award-winning biography of civil rights activist Ella Baker, entitled Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision (University of North Carolina, 2003). Her most recent book is Making All Black Lives Matter: Reimagining Freedom in the Twenty-First Century.

You can follow Professor Ransby on Twitter here: @BarbaraRansby and find out more about her here: For more resources on Palestine and the other countries we held sessions for, please visit this page:

Additional Resources:

The Global Solidarity series was hosted in partnership with Urgent Action Fund, Children’s Rights Innovation Fund, Funders For Justice, Foundation for a Just Society, Human Rights Funders Network, Black Harvest, Movement Voter Project, Resource Generation, The Solidaire Network, and EDGE Funders Alliance.