Over $3 Million Awarded to Feminist Activists in Ukraine

Since the war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights has quickly responded, awarding rapid response grants to feminist activists in need. We have awarded over $3 million in urgent response funding, and made over 130 grants in 15 countries. 

These grants, while serving as just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the help and support needed in Ukraine, have made a difference in the lives of thousands living through a devastating and overwhelming period of conflict. 

Read on for a small sampling of the grants we’ve made to organizations acting now. 

Providing Emergency Shelter

Using a $12,000 grant an organization will set up an emergency shelter for Ukrainian refugees. Since the Russian invasion much of the country has been internally and externally displaced. More and more refugees come to border towns to seek refuge. The group plans to purchase and run an emergency shelter to house incoming women and children. The funds will cover the purchase of the shelter, transportation and renovation costs, as well as furniture purchases.

Evacuation and Relocation

With $8,000 an organization will help a group of refugees with disabilities evacuate and relocate to Germany. The organization plans to support them with evacuation, relocation set up in Germany, and temporary living assistance. The funds will cover transportation, living accommodations and budgetary gaps in the group’s efforts to settle the refugees in Germany.

Addressing Sexual Violence and Abuse

$10,000 was awarded to an organization working with victims of sexual abuse by Russian soldiers. Since the cases of rape grow daily, additional funding is necessary to bring in psychologists and arrange accommodations for clients with special needs. The funds will cover psychological rehabilitation, relocation, and travel expenses.

Keeping Media and Businesses Afloat

A Ukrainian feminist media outlet will use $9,000 to continue its work. Due to the Russian invasion, the outlet, which was dependent on the sale of advertisements for income, lost reliable revenue. The funds will cover operational costs, living expenses, mental counseling, and safety planning.

Humanitarian Aid

A grant of $3,000 will support an organization to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian women and children displaced by the war, as well as those who don’t have access to food, medicine, and basic necessities. The funds will cover expenses for psychosocial support, medical kits, hygiene care, food, and other basic needs.

As the war continues, our grantmaking will as well. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and answers for those seeking a grant during these trying times. Our grantmaking strategy will also continue beyond the current moment, offering ongoing support to help feminist activists in Ukraine respond, rebuild, and reimagine throughout and after this war. To make a donation and support our ongoing efforts, click here.