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Dah Theatre Research Center (DTRC)

Belgrade Serbia
January 2011

Grant Description

In January 2011 UAF received a request from previous grantee DTRC regarding an increase in threats against the organization. DTRC is a professional theater group that creates and puts on plays and street performances protesting militarism, nationalism, gender inequity, and clericalization. Recently, DTRC has experienced an escalation in harassment and attacks; they have received a series of emails and letters threatening specific staff members and, in another incident, the office was broken into and robbed. In order to continue their work and protect their staff, DTRC recognized the need to secure their office and practice space. DTRC requested funds to put lights on the front of their building, install iron bars on the windows, and purchase security cameras and an alarm system.

Impact Report

With UAF funds, DTRC increased the safety of their office space by installing security cameras, an alarm system, lights, and bars on the windows. As a result, the group now feels safer in the office and is able to continue their advocacy work more securely.