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Split Croatia
March 2012

Grant Description

In March of 2012 Domine requested funds to increase the security of their office and for PRIDE. An increased amount of harassment threatened the safety of the Domine employees, volunteers and associates. Domine co-organized the first Pride march in the second largest city of Croatia, Split. In 2011 during the first Pride march, Domine experienced a significant amount of harassment and threats which included attempted burglary and even an organized rampage on the event itself. Funds were specifically provided to purchase security cameras, fire prevention equipment and alarms, to obtain legal aid and to provide security workshops and trainings prior to Pride.

The mission of Domine is to promote women’s rights and to contribute to the development civil society through the empowerment of women by providing basic political and economic programs, media promotion and visibility of CSOs and through direct psychological and legal support of women. As a result of the last year’s Pride event in Split, awareness of LGBT issues in the city and region have improved.

Impact Report