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Insan Foundation Trust (IFT)

Rawalpindi Pakistan
May 2011

Grant Description

In the wake of the United States’ military operation to kill Osama bin Laden in the spring of 2011, a strong nationalistic sentiment developed in Pakistan. This sentiment included a strong desire to “”protect”” national sovereignty and reject any presence perceived to be “”western.”” Within this environment, human rights organization Insan Foundation Trust (IFT) began to sense discrimination from nearby shop owners after they learned that the organization has funders in the United States. IFT employees also discovered a pamphlet at the office door with information provoking junior military officials to overthrow the present government and military and “teach the USA and other infidels a lesson.” Fearing for their own security, IFT requested funds to increase the safety of their staff by purchasing cameras, photocopiers, and holding security trainings for the office.

Impact Report

With UAF funds, IFT educated its staff about best safety practices and enhanced the security of its physical office. IFT used the funds to conduct security trainings in the office and developed an internal security manual for staff to enable them to implement systems and procedures for their personal safety, as well as the safety of field teams. IFT also purchased three security cameras, an uninterruptable power supply system, and photocopiers so that it could make all its copies in the privacy of the office. Members of the organization shared that: “The funds have greatly helped IFT to understand safety and security issues, share experiences and develop internal systems and procedures intended to help us avoid unnecessary exposure and unwanted situations that otherwise might have occurred.