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International Foundation Women’s Political Resource Center (WPRC)

Tbilisi Georgia
December 2011

Grant Description

By 2011, the government of Georgia had made strides towards gender equality; and had adopted the Gender Equality Law combating violence and trafficking while establishing a Gender Equality Council. However, many women in Georgia still lack decision-making power, and women’s political participation actually decreased over the past several years. The patriarchal culture and male dominance have prevented women from holding equal positions in the country. Recognizing the need to raise awareness of the issue, the International Foundation Women’s Political Resource Centre (WPRC) opened the “Frontline Center” to hold workshops, art exhibits, films and discussions on women’s rights. However, in late 2011 many women involved in the Center’s activities came under attack by men in the community. In one instance, a feminist photographer was attacked and brutally beaten. In response to the increasingly dangerous situation for women’s human rights defenders, WPRD requested funds to increase the security of the space through the purchase of iron bars on the doors and windows and a security system.

The mission of WPRC is to connect, inform and mobilize women and women’s organizations committed to achieve gender equality in Georgia.

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