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Isha L’Isha

Haifa Israel
March 2012

Grant Description

In January of 2012, the High Court of Israel upheld a 2003 precedent-setting citizenship law that does not allow residents of occupied Palestinian territories to remain in Israel. This adversely affects 25,000 families and many of them women whose husbands and children are citizens of Israel. Due to this law, some women receive short term permits for a maximum of one year to live with their families but are unable to work, study, or drive a car. They are also not entitled to health or social insurance. Funds were requested to start an empowerment group for women in Acca where they can come once a week to meet others in their similar situation and to find refuge and empowerment. They also intend to facilitate local and international campaigns on the issue of citizenship laws.

Isha L ‘Isha is one of the leading voices of women’s rights in Israel with 28 years of experience in running grassroots projects.

Impact Report