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Jalal Foundation (JF)

Kabul Afghanistan
April 2011

Grant Description

Over the past few years, the Taliban has gained power and control across Afghanistan. This has led to decreased freedoms and rights for women, and also increased threats to women activists fighting for their rights. In response, Jalal Foundation held a National Women’s Conference in Kabul. Due to the success of this conference, participants and organizers wanted to continue the momentum. They felt this was an opportune time to hold additional conferences on women’s rights and empowerment in the rural areas of Afghanistan where the Taliban had even more control. Because of the obvious threats the organization and participants would receive, Jalal Foundation requested funds to hire unarmed bodyguards during the event. In order to ensure the conferences can take place amidst such an insecure environment, they will not release the conference dates until a week in advance. Jalal Foundation works to advance Afghani women’s rights in all spheres and strives towards a liberal democratic Afghanistan.

Impact Report

With UAF funds, Jalal Foundation implemented the security measures needed to safely hold a conference of women in the Badakhasan province condemning terrorism and promoting Afghani female survivors of terrorist attacks. Jalal Foundation was able to hire five unarmed body guards to provide security for its staff for the two months within which the conference was held. The organization pointed out that the conference was a historical event and had ""...absolute impact on women status.