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MorEL Eskisehir LGBT Formation (MOREL)

Eskisehir Turkey
February 2011

Grant Description

In February 2011 UAF received a request from MOREL regarding an attack and threats against a transgender member of the organization. MOREL is an LGBT organization that works to protect the rights of the Turkish LGBT community. The threatened activist, who is also a sex worker, was raped and beaten by a client. Since the attack, she has continued to receive threats from her assailant. In addition, following the submission of the request, the same man attacked a friend of hers who is also transgender. MOREL is planning to take her case to court and to organize an awareness raising campaign on hate crimes against the trans community. However, because of the threats and attacks and the increased exposure she will receive from the case and campaign, MOREL is concerned for the activist’s safety. MOREL requested UAF funds to increase the activist’s security via the installation of a surveillance system in her home.

Impact Report

With UAF funds, MOREL purchased a camera surveillance system for the activist’s home. According to MOREL, “Thanks to these precautions, which seem intimidating, life-threatening behavior has been minimized.