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National Mobiliation Against SweatShops (NMASS)

New York, New York United States of America
December 2011

Grant Description

After the fall of the twin towers in 2001, the resulting destruction lingered in areas such as the Lower East Side of New York City. Many residents were put at risk of negative health effects, as were the workers who were contracted to clean up the offices, homes and schools in the area. Although the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act went into effect in 2010 and was designed to extend and improve health compensation for those directly impacted by the attack on the United States, the bill actually limited the number of people who would be considered eligible for the free health care and compensation. As a result of the situation and pending deadlines for application of the Zadroga Act, community organization National Mobilization Against SweatShops (NMASS) requested funds to organize a mass action of its members, the majority of whom are women. It plans to organize women affected to raise awareness of the issues with the bill, pointing out that it aims to “show how angry the community is about the government’s prioritization of funding bank bailouts and subsidies for luxury development, while it cuts the funding for health for working people.”

National Mobilization Against SweatShops (NMASS) is a multiracial community-based workers’ center that organizes to have a voice in the workplaces and communities of its members and to advocate for their health, economic needs and for recognition and respect for the work they do inside and outside the home.

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