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National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI)

Dublin Ireland
December 2011

Grant Description

In June 2011 the government of Ireland introduced a new law on political party funding which incorporated a proposal to enact gender quotas. Historically, Irish women have been notably underrepresented in politics, with eighty-five percent of the legislature currently male. The legislation was divisive, and when a woman member of the government boycotted an all-women meeting of parliamentarians in late 2011, a backlash occurred against the proposed legislation. As a result, women’s groups in Ireland began a fight for its timely implementation, in spite of the development of a conservative faction attempting to have it dismissed altogether. National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) requested funds to hold a public campaign to mobilize support of women and men behind the proposed legislation. NWCI plans to conduct message research in order to form a media campaign, with a focus on social media promotion of an online petition and the development of a micro-site to support the campaign. It also plans to conduct media trainings for activists, and to distribute materials informing the public of the key arguments.

NWCI is a feminist organization whose mission is to promote equality for women and works in solidarity with women around the world.

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