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Palestinian Developmental Women Studies Association (PDWSA)

Gaza City Palestine
March 2012

Grant Description

PDWSA approached UAF regarding an urgent campaign in solidarity with prisoner Hanaa Shalabi who is on a hunger strike to protest her detention without charge in Israeli jail. PDWSA aims to not only support Hanaa but draw attention via various media outlets to the conditions women prisoners face in Israeli detention. Actions will include a weekly sit-in at the Red Cross Committee to call for the immediate release of Hanaa and other female prisoners of war, a media conference for former women prisoners to speak about their experience in the Israeli prisons, and a series of radio shows about Israeli prisons’ violation of human rights. Funds will be used for stipends for campaign coordinators, banners, advertising, rental of audiovisual equipment for the public event, and transportation. In order for the campaign to have the greatest impact and help free Hanaa, PDWSA aims to highlight the timing of the activities between March, Women’s Month, and April 17, the Day for Palestinian War Prisoners. UAF’s Palestine-based advisor endorses the action as well as the group, stating “they have been doing great work in the field with no resources whatsoever.”

PDWSA works with women prisoners both freed and imprisoned, women, young women, and children. It holds educational leadership programs, cultural heritage events, media trainings, and projects on the effects of the illegal Israeli occupation on Palestinian families from a women’s perspective.

Impact Report