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Parivartan Kendra (PK)

Danapur, Patna India
March 2011

Grant Description

In March 2011 UAF received a request from PK regarding a physical assault against one of its members. PK is an organization that works with children, adolescents and historically excluded women to support them in their struggle for human rights and equality. PK forms self-help groups within these communities, which enable the women to get out of debt and stop taking loans from moneylenders with high interest rates. In January 2011, one of these self-help groups was holding a meeting at the residence of one of their members. A group of moneylenders, angry that the women were no longer taking out loans from them, came into the meeting and began beating the WHRD who was hosting. Even though she had registered the attack with the police, the moneylenders continued to threaten the woman and her family. Additionally, this WHRD earned her living by doing the laundry of many members of the community yet due to the recent attack and continuous threats, community members feared continuing business or even associating with her. Violence against historically excluded and underrepresented women is common in the area, and PK plans use UAF funds to run a campaign on violence against women to increase public awareness of the issue as well as of the recent attack, while also providing protection and support to the WHRD facing continued threats. PK also plans to support her with the legal case against the attackers.

Impact Report

With UAF funds, PK provided secure shelter, medicine and food to the threatened survivor and her family. PK was also able to initiate talks with high-level police officials and several human rights commissions in the country. From these discussions, they were able to ensure that the government imprisoned the attackers. Eventually, PK was able to return with the activist back to her village and convince villagers to continue supporting her. Finally, PK carried out a campaign against violence against women. Through their campaign, they “built an atmosphere where women say that they also need life with dignity and they will achieve it.” PK pointed out that “with UAF we could meet the urgent need to support victims of violence and inequalities coming out of all the three social problems of class, caste, and mainly gender.