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The Society of Women in Azerbaijan for Peace and Democracy in Transcaucasus (SWAPDT)

January 2011

Grant Description

In January 2011 UAF received a request from previous grantee SWAPDT when the organization’s phone lines were cut. SWAPDT works to assist women in conflict zones in the South Caucasus. SWAPDT relies on phone lines for communication and internet connection, as well as for the operation of a crisis hotline for women. However, in January 2011 SWAPDT’s phone lines were cut off by the Ministry of Communications even though they were up-to-date on their bill payments. Because SWAPDT has a history of harassment by Azerbaijani authorities, they view the cutting of the phone lines as a politically motivated attempt to prevent the organization from functioning. At the time of their request, SWAPDT had lost access to phone, email, and fax, and women in need of assistance were unable to use the hotline or otherwise contact SWAPDT. In response, SWAPDT requested UAF funds to set up two new secure telephone lines and publicize their new contact information.

Impact Report

With UAF funds, SWAPDT restored their phones lines via a private company. As a result, the office now has three telephone lines, a fax and an internet connection. The SWAPDT hotline is now restored and women are able to call in for assistance. SWAPDT also used funds to rent a room at the media center and hold a press conference, which allowed the media to publish information about the violations committed by the Ministry of Communication. The press conference along with documentaries SWAPDT has made has increased public awareness of issues facing women and NGOs in Azerbaijan including police violence against women.