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Women’s Campaign for Democratic Constitution (WCDC)

May 2011

Grant Description

In Nepal, political instability and violence continue to plague the country, years after the signing of the Peace Accords of 2006. Women activists have been systematically targeted for attacks, and the government has failed to uphold its commitment that women hold thirty-three percent of all Constituent Assembly positions. In 2010, the Assembly failed to meet consensus on the provisions of the new constitution being created, and delayed the process until May 28th, 2011. As the deadline approached, the members of the Assembly began discussing the possibility of delaying the process once more.

Recognizing the opportunity for women to influence the historical process, a coalition of more than fifty women’s organizations from seven key networks of women’s groups joined together mid-May to form the Women’s Campaign for Democratic Constitution (WCDC). The coalition requested funds to commence a massive sit-in protest in front of the Constituent Assembly building to pressure Parliamentarians to meet the deadline for creating the new constitution and to ensure that they incorporated the women’s agenda.

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