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Urgent Action Fund For Women's Human Rights

2014 Annual Report


Everyday, women take action to make their communities more equitable, more just, and more resilient. Urgent Action Fund exists for these activists.

We think they are the most courageous women we know.

They speak out against sexual violence in Nepal, stand up for peace in Gaza, and march to end police brutality against Black women and transgender people in the United States. They are leaders in their communities, working to ensure that women and girls are able to live free from violence and discrimination. We invite you to read their powerful stories in this annual report.

Urgent Action Fund is there for activists when they come under fire. In 2014, we awarded 123 rapid response grants to improve the safety of activists facing threats, or during moments of great opportunity to set new pathways for equality. As a result, activists have persevered, communities are stronger, and we are a step closer to realizing a more just world.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and for standing with women and transgender activists on the frontlines of justice and equality. Their strength and leadership creates more resilient communities for us all

Our Mission and Programs


Our Mission

Urgent Action Fund partners with courageous women’s and LGBTQ movements worldwide to
support activists striving to create cultures of justice, equality, and peace.

Our Programs

Through rapid response grants and integrated security trainings, we strengthen the
resilience of communities to persevere in the face of threats, adapt to change, and leverage
new opportunities.

  • Our grants advance women’s and LGBTQ human rights when opportunities arise
    and save lives when activists face threats
  • We respond to requests in any language within 72 hours, 365 days a year
  • 100+ global advisors inform grant decisions
  • Trainings and knowledge exchanges increase activists’ well-being and safety
  • We support networks of activists, both online and offline

Make a Gift

Support women’s and LGBTQ human rights globally by making a donation online at www.urgentactionfund.org or sending a check to:
Urgent Action Fund, 660 13th Street, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94612

(Photo:UAF staff & South Asia regional advisors convene in Nepal. Credit: Shalini Eddens.)

Our Partners in Change

Governments, Foundations, and Corporations

  • American Jewish World Service
  • Arsenault Family Foundation
  • Bright Horizon Fund
  • Brooklyn Creative League, Inc
  • Channel Foundation
  • Cloverleaf Foundation
  • The Colina Foundation
  • The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
  • Cordaid
  • Crosby & Kaneda
  • Dobkin Family Foundation
  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Edna Wardlaw Charitable Fund
  • Ford Foundation
  • Foundation for a Just Society
  • Google Matching Gift Fund
  • Green Fund
  • The Lederer Foundation
  • Leocha Fund
  • Levi Strauss Foundation
  • Mize Family Foundation
  • Moriah Fund
  • Oak Foundation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Orchard House Foundation
  • Pannonia Foundation
  • Polsky Family Charitable Foundation
  • Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • Sol and Doris R. Swiss Foundation Charitable Trust
  • Tides Foundation
  • Tikva Grassroots Empowerment Fund
  • Timken-Sturgis Foundation
  • Twanda Foundation
  • United Methodist Women
  • Virginia Lopez Foundation
  • Women Donors Network

Individuals and Families

  • Christina Alexander
  • Gordon Armstrong
  • Angelika Arutyunova
  • David Balsam
  • Kathy Barry and Bob Burnett
  • Amy Batchelor and Bradley Feld
  • Louise Bell
  • Julie Parker Benello and Allen Benello
  • Joanne Berghold
  • Nancy Bernstein
  • Nancy Billica
  • Merrill Black
  • Elizabeth and Rodney Black
  • Wesley Blickenstaff
  • Chela Blitt
  • Dorianna  Blitt
  • Rita and Irwin Blitt
  • G. Boswell
  • Richard Bradley
  • Gregory Brown
  • David Brown
  • Diane Brumfitt
  • Charlotte Bunch and Roxana Carrillo
  • Amy Laura Cahn
  • Carol Cantwell
  • Eva Capozzola
  • Carroll Capps
  • Gabriel Cardenas
  • Ore Carmi
  • Hallie Carroll
  • Joseph Cettolin
  • Sudeepto Chakraborty
  • Steph Cherrywell
  • Mona Chun
  • Joanie Misrack Ciardelli
  • Carol Cohn
  • Linda Cole
  • Bryan Collins
  • Elizabeth Colton
  • Robert Connelly
  • Martine Conway
  • Patricia Cooper
  • Christian Cooper
  • Clare Coss and Blanche Cook
  • Brandon Cunningham
  • Heidi Cuparri
  • Louise Davis
  • Rachel DiCerbo
  • William Doherty
  • Chris Donlay
  • Sean Donohue
  • Carol Douglas
  • Linza Douglas
  • Jessica Douieb
  • Mary Downton and James Downton Jr
  • Diana Duarte
  • Jeff Dyck
  • Shalini Eddens
  • Elaine Enarson
  • Arthur Endsley
  • Ana Maria Enriquez
  • Ellen Epstein
  • Joshua Erio
  • Michael Ertel
  • Jill Ertl
  • Cindy Ewing and Lucie Ticzon
  • Melissa Extein
  • Mercedes Fitchett
  • Paul Forster
  • Kay and Michael Forsythe
  • Veronique and Tom Foster
  • Lynn Freedman
  • Phyillis Friedman
  • Eleanor Friedman
  • David Friedman and Tirzah FirestonePam Gagel
  • Mariam Gagoshashvili and Poppy Chan
  • John Gilliland
  • Kenneth Gilman
  • Seth Gilmore
  • Clare Gmur
  • Margery Goldman
  • Lynda Goldstein
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Roshmi Goswami
  • Leslie Gou
  • William Green
  • Julia Greenberg
  • Terry Greenblatt
  • William Grivna
  • Steven Groth
  • Sarah Gunther
  • Addie Guttag
  • Josie Hadden
  • Sara Hahn
  • Jeffrey Hallenbeck
  • Alexis Halstead
  • Jason Hamlin
  • Sarah Harding
  • Susan Hirsch and Susan Leal
  • Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez
  • Nan Holmes and Steve Kaufman
  • Lorraine and Victor Honig
  • Catherine Howard
  • Marketa Hronkova
  • Rachel Humphrey
  • Andrew Huszar and Siyana Kukularova
  • Meerim Ilyas and Kristie Yoo
  • Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos
  • Frank Jarecki
  • Saskia and Anneke de Jonge
  • Dan Kagan
  • Mark Katzenberger
  • Danny Kaufman
  • Claire Kells
  • Anna Kirey
  • Andew Kohn
  • Hannah Kranzberg
  • Maja Kristin
  • Kate Kroeger
  • Julie Kurtzman
  • Margaret Ladner
  • Rob Lake
  • Lee Laney
  • Sharon Lavoie
  • Dorothy Lebach
  • Justin Lee
  • Richard Lemieux
  • Jane Lewenthal
  • Sara and Andy Litt
  • Amy Livingston
  • Kerry Lobel and Marta Drury, girls just wanna have funD, a donor advised fund of Horizon Foundation
  • Katy Love
  • Judy Lubow
  • Rob Lucas
  • Ariel Macken
  • Ana Maria Mahiri
  • Corinne Mallet
  • Carol Malnick
  • Nathalie Margi and Joseph Dwyer
  • Brigid McAuliffe
  • Anne McCarten-Gibbs
  • Benjamin McClard
  • Jacquie McKenna
  • Boli Medappa
  • Chris Mehling
  • David Mesenbring
  • Paulette J. Meyer and David A. Friedman
  • Sara Michl
  • Mark Milano
  • Harris Miller
  • Armindo Miranda
  • Bill Mitchell
  • Holly Mosher
  • Robert Muniz
  • Marea Murray
  • William Nash
  • Margaret Ness
  • Margaret Newell
  • Martha Newell
  • Huong Nguyen
  • Zona Norwood
  • Joseph O’Connell
  • Irobeta Okojie
  • Nicolas Ottavi
  • Kim Oxholm
  • Lydia Pena
  • Analia Penchaszadeh
  • Lisa Pepper
  • Maria Perdomo
  • Linda Peri
  • Judith Peterson
  • Andrew Presley
  • Ralph Quillman
  • Mona and Bahman Rabii
  • Dr. Jean Rannells Saul
  • Tamme Reep
  • Chad Reese
  • Jacob Riley
  • Elisabeth and Robert Rix
  • Risë Ana Robbins
  • Robert Robertson
  • James Robinson
  • Donald Romaire
  • Susan Rosenberg
  • Cynthia Rothschild
  • Austin Rozzell
  • Meredith Saunderson
  • Jessica Say
  • Drs. Peter Schattner and Susan Lessin
  • Margaret Schink
  • Katrin Schlaeppi
  • Lee Schofield
  • Geraint Scott
  • Patricia Viseur Sellers
  • Sherwin Sepe
  • Julie Shaw
  • Mike Shelby
  • Catherine and Rony Shimony
  • Ruth Silver
  • Maria Sjodin
  • Daniel Smith
  • Elizabeth Stands
  • Timothy Stanton
  • Caitlin Stanton and Randy Trigg
  • Erin Steele
  • Norma Stone
  • Julia Stone
  • Stacy Straaberg Finfrock
  • Beret Strong and John Tweedy Jr
  • Shalini Subramaniam
  • Kathleen Tkach
  • Barbara and Larry Tongate
  • Emily Utz
  • Wendy Volkmann
  • Adlai Waksman
  • John Walker
  • Barbara Washburn
  • Dorothy and Robert Wayne
  • Tali Weinberg
  • Renee Welch
  • Marissa Wesely
  • Kirsten Westby and Phill Bartell
  • Diane Jordan Wexler
  • Jo Lynne Whiting
  • Cheryl Wilfong
  • Matthew Willis
  • Martin Wisely
  • Sabrina Wisner
  • Nicky Wolman
  • Deme Yuan
  • Jutta Zalud
  • Ira Zimmermann

In-Kind Donations and Volunteers

  • Ashley Batz
  • Dorianna Blitt
  • Rita and Irwin Blitt
  • Zoe Blumenfeld
  • Design Action Collective
  • Preeti Gamzeh
  • InkWorks
  • Law Offices of Melissa Harms
  • Paulette J. Meyer and David A. Friedman
  • Paul Hastings LLP




Assets: $1,492,363   Liabilities: $64,732   Net Assets: $1,427,631



Board of Directors and Staff


Board of Directors

  • Patricia Viseur Sellers, Chair, USA / Belgium
  • Kamala Chandrakirana, Vice Chair, Indonesia
  • Paulette Meyer, Treasurer & Secretary, USA
  • Charlotte Bunch, USA, Incoming 2015
  • Mariam Gagoshashvili, Georgia
  • Roshmi Goswami, India
  • Rachel-Alouki Labbé, First Nations of Canada – Abenaki
  • Nadine Moawad, Lebanon
  • Marta Drury, USA, Departing 2014


  • Kate Kroeger, Executive Director
  • Shalini Eddens, Director of Programs
  • Caitlin Stanton, Director of Learning & Partnerships
  • Meerim Ilyas, Senior Program Officer
  • Nathalie Margi, Senior Program Officer
  • Huong Nguyen, Program Officer
  • Danny Kaufman, Development & Communications Officer
  • Yvonne Leland, Operations Coordinator


  • Carol Cantwell & Rhonda
  • Poindexter, Finance Gurus
  • Karen Ishimaru, Database Guru
  • Amro Radwan, Technology Guru


Our Impact


2014 By the Numbers

123 Rapid response grants

100 Women and transgender leaders trained in digital and physical security

88% of activists receiving rapid security grants who reported sustained improvements in security and safety

35 No. of countries where UAF provided support to activists

2 Sister Urgent Action Funds in Latin America and Africa

Grant Type

46% Opportunity

54% Security

26% grants to support LGBTQ activists under threat or when opportunities arise. More than half supported transgender activists.


(Photo: Young women’s and LGBTQ rights activists from Indonesia receive a digital security training.)

Courageous Activists, Resilient Communities


North America & the Caribbean


Lifting the Voices of Black Women in the U.S.

Following the murder of Penny Proud, a 21-year-old Black transgender woman in New  Orleans, UAF supported LGBTQ group BreakOUT! to lead demonstrations highlighting the alarming rates of violence against Black transgender women.


Eastern & Central Europe


Women Stand for Democracy in Ukraine

As violence erupted during Ukraine’s EuroMaidan protests, UAF partnered with Ukrainian Women’s Fund to provide rapid grants to support self-defense courses for women, and to increase protection for activists under threat.


Asia & the Pacific


Securing Justice for Women in Nepal

With rapid support, women in Nepal launched a national anti-rape campaign to raise awareness about high levels of sexual violence. The campaign led to the creation of fast track courts, which provide support to survivors to seek justice.


Middle East


Demanding an End to Violence in Gaza

In response to the conflict in Gaza, UAF made a rapid grant to bring together Palestinian and  Jewish Israeli women to call for an immediate end to the violence. The women led a peace march  and engaged religious leaders from both sides in peace talks.