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2015 Annual Report

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Our Impact

Our Impact

2015 By The Numbers


19% of grants supported LGBTI activists. More than half supported trans* activists

42 No. of countries where Urgent Action Fund provided support to activists

Top 5 Issue areas:
  1. 1     Freedom from Violence
  2. 2     Sexual & Reproductive Rights
  3. 3     Civil & Political Rights
  4. 4     Environmental Justice, Climate Change,
          & Land Rights
  5. 5     Economic Inequality and Labor Rights

Rapid Response Grants

escaping violence

Escaping Violence

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Kunduz, Afghanistan, women activists were targeted. In response, a series of rapid grants supported the evacuation of activists and their families, the establishment of an emergency shelter, and integrated security trainings to help activists mitigate future threats.

lifting the voice

Lifting the Voices of Trans* Women of Color

A rapid grant supported a trans*-led group in the US to mobilize an advocacy campaign on the alarming rates of police brutality against trans* women of color. The campaign included a public demonstration, community meetings with government officials, and a “Rest In Power” quilt project featuring the stories of trans* women who have been murdered.

Supporting Women and Girl Refugees

In response to the refugee crisis in Europe, a rapid grant supported a feminist group in Croatia to provide psychological and legal support to refugee women and girls from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. As part of this, a delegation of women Nobel Peace Prize winners met with refugee women to document their experiences and advocate for their safe travel.

Theory of Change



Resilient feminist movements

Laws, policies & social norms that promote equality & justice for women, girls, & trans* people.

Peaceful, just, & equitable societies.


Improved security & well-being for women & trans* activists.

Timely & strategic advocacy by feminist movements.

Practices that promote collective leadership, sustaining activism, & integrated security.

More accessible resources for feminist movements.

Stronger and more diverse networks.

Increased influence in decision-making spaces.

Rapid response Grantmaking
Convenings and Trainings
Advocacy and Alliance Building

We support the resilience of women activists & feminist movements worldwide.

Mission & Sisters Funds

Our Mission

Urgent Action Fund partners with courageous women’s and LGBTI movements worldwide to support activists striving to create cultures of justice, equality, and peace.

The Sister Urgent Action Funds

In partnership with our two sister funds, Urgent Action Fund-Africa and Urgent Action Fund-Latin America, we strengthen the resilience of feminist movements worldwide to realize equal rights for women, girls, and trans* people.
Each sister Urgent Action Fund is an independent and autonomous organization. Building on our shared history, we use a common rapid response funding model and work collaboratively to advocate for women’s human rights.
Collectively, we support women’s leadership and activism in more than 110 countries, including areas affected by armed con ict, escalating violence, political volatility, and extreme repression.

Make a Gift

Support women’s and LGBTI human rights globally by making a donation online at www.urgentactionfund.org or sending a check to: Urgent Action Fund, 660 13th Street, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94612.
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As long as there is discrimination against women, I will continue to fight for the rights of women, children, and my community.

Bai Ali Indayla,
Human Rights Defender



Audited Financials for 2015


Assets: $2,422,974

Liabilities: $54,015

Net Assets: $2,368,959

Our Partners in Change

Our Partners in Change

Governments, Foundations, and Corporations

AJG Foundation
American Jewish World Service
Anchor Point Fund
Arsenault Family Foundation
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Channel Foundation
The Colina Foundation
Crosby & Kaneda
Deutsche Bank Matching Gift Program
Dobkin Family Foundation
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Edna Wardlaw Charitable Fund
Eileen Fisher
European Union
The Fledgling Fund
Ford Foundation
Foundation for a Just Society
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
Green Fund
Leocha Fund
Levi Strauss Foundation
The Mize Family Foundation
Moriah Fund
Novo Foundation
Oak Foundation
The Ohrstrom Foundation
Open Society Foundation
Orchard House Foundation

Peace by Piece Fund
Polsky Family Charitable Foundation
Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Serendipity Charitable Gift Fund of the CFSBC
Sigrid Rausing Trust
Sol and Doris R. Swiss Foundation Charitable Trust
Tikva Grassroots Empowerment Fund
Timken-Sturgis Foundation
Twanda Foundation
United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office
United Methodist Women
Virginia Lopez Foundation
Women Donors Network
Xpu Foundation

Individuals and Families

Ranil Abeysekera
Sandip Agrawal
Mert Altintas
Angelika Arutyunova
Zeynep Atiker
Jane Barry
Kathleen Barry and
Bob Burnett
Amy Batchelor and Bradley Feld
Willow Battista and
Liam Early
Louise Bell
Joanne Berghold
Elizabeth Bernstein
Nancy Bernstein
Merrill Black
Xiomara Blanco
Rita and Irwin Blitt
Cassandra Blume
Anne Bowhay
Samuel Brewczynski
Gregory Brown
David Brown
Charlotte Bunch and Roxanna Carrillo
Rachel Choa-Howard
Donna Chiarelli
Mona Chun
Joanie Misrack Ciardelli
Sarah Clark
Carol Cohn
Janet Cole
Linda Cole
Elizabeth Colton
Martine Conway
Clare Coss and
Blanche Cook
Roger Creus
Ellie Cross
Jeremy Davis
Louise Davis
Marlene Dehlinger
Carol Anne Douglas
Mary Downton and James Downton Jr
Marta Drury and Kerry Lobel, girls just wanna have funD, a donor advised fund of the Horizon Foundation
Diana Duarte
Lisa Dusseault
Wendy Emrich
Elaine Enarson
Ellen Epstein
Michael Ertel
Jill Ertl
Jodie Evans
Melissa Extein
Sara Ferree
Mercedes Fitchett
Kay and Michael Forsythe
Sarah French
Ariella Futral
Beau Gaerlan
Gretchen Gagel McComb
Mariam Gagoshashvili and Sopo Pruidze
Lorena Galliot
Judith Gerberg

John Gilliland
Antje Goeldner
Lynda Goldstein
Margery Goldman
Louise Gomez
Rachel Gordon
Julia Greenberg
Terry Greenblatt
Sarah Gunther
Katherine and Jeff Haas
Josie Hadden
Sara Hahn
Daniel Hall
Alexis Halstead
Emily Hannerman
Josie Heath
Mari Hickman
Susan Hirsch and
Susan Leal
Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez
Nan Holmes and Steve Kaufman
Lorraine and Victor Honig
Karen Hossfeld
Catherine Howard
Rachel Humphrey
Mary Hurley
Meerim Ilyas and
Kristie Yoo
Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos
Cara Jones
Anneke de Jonge
Saskia de Jonge
Danny Kaufman
Dr. Nathan Kaufman
and Lynn Franco
Carolyn Knight
Pamela Koslyn
Hannah Kranzberg
Violeta Krasnic
Maja Kristin
Kate Kroeger
Roze-Fleur Kuhn
Siyana Kukularova and Andrew Huszar
Rachel-Alouki Labbé
Margaret Ladner
Ann Lederer and
Robert Hickler
Shimrit Lee
Shira Levine
Jane Lewenthal
Dolly Li
Mitch Limb
Katy Love
Judy Lubow
Khalid Makhamreh
Meredith Malnick
Nathalie Margi and Joseph Dwyer
Anne McCarten-Gibbs
Jessica McCarthy
David McConnell
Boli Medappa
Paulette J. Meyer and David A. Friedman
Rebecca Mills
Alex Mok
Peter Muller
Marea Murray
Margaret Newell

Iris Ng
Rosemary Nguyen
Huong Nguyen
Elaine Nonneman
Zona Norwood
Devi O’Malley
Margo Okazawa Rey
Julian Osterwalder
Kim Oxholm
Gilles-Philippe Page
Catherine Parrish
Sue Patterson
Analia Penchaszadeh
Linda Peri
Judith Peterson
Christine Pielenz and
Bill Laven
Tosca Bonardi Pinder and Bart Pinder
Roos Pollmann
Dr. Jean Rannells Saul and Carla Ficke
Margaret Rayfield and Hugo Thorneycroft
Ian Richardson
Elisabeth and Robert Rix
Sharon Rose
Susan Rosenberg
Cynthia Rothschild
Michael Sayre
Drs. Peter Schattner and Susan Lessin
Patricia Viseur Sellers
Sumita Sen
Tara Shannon
Julie Shaw
Catherine and
Rony Shimony
Jane Soderholm
Ingrid Srinath
Caitlin Stanton and
Randy Trigg
Timothy Stanton
Julia Stone
Stacy Straaberg Finfrock
Shalini Subramaniam
James Suskin
Kathleen Tkach
Barbara and Larry Tongate
Keely Tongate
Soo Kyong Uhm
Emily Utz
Kara Veitch
Marisa Villarreal
Wendy Volkmann
Daniel Wayne
Tali Weinberg
Marissa Wesely
Kirsten Westby and
Phil Bartell
Effie Westervelt
Diane Jordan Wexler and Bruce Beron
Timothy White
Jo Lynne Whiting
Katrin Wilde
Cheryl Wilfong
Carole Womeldorf
Rose Works
Xin Xin
Jane Yett

Board and Staff

Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Patricia Viseur Sellers, Chair, USA / Belgium
Mariam Gagoshashvili, Vice Chair, Georgia
Paulette Meyer, Treasurer & Secretary, USA
Charlotte Bunch, USA
Kamala Chandrakirana, Indonesia
Roshmi Goswami, India
Rachel-Alouki Labbé, First Nations of 
Canada – Abenaki
Nadine Moawad, Lebanon


Kate Kroeger, Executive Director
Shalini Eddens, Director of Programs
Caitlin Stanton, Director of Partnerships
Meerim Ilyas, Senior Program Officer
Nathalie Margi, Senior Advocacy Officer
Huong Nguyen, Senior Learning & Impact Officer
Danny Kaufman, Development & Communications Officer
Yvonne Leland, Operations Coordinator


Masha Katz Baer
Carol Cantwell
Design Action Collective
Melissa Extein
Alex Holy
Karen Ishimaru
Anne McCarten-Gibbs
Rhonda Poindexter
Shake Technology

Urgent Action Fund

Urgent Action Fund is led by our global Board of Directors and guided by our Advisory Network of 100+ leading human rights activists.