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Urgent Action Fund’s Rapid Response Grants resource the resilience of human rights and gender justice movements by supporting the security and advocacy interventions of activists when a swift response is needed. Specifically, Rapid Response Grants offer quick, flexible funding to respond to security threats or unexpected advocacy opportunities experienced by women, transgender, or gender non-conforming, activists and human rights defenders.

Urgent Action Fund accepts applications in any language using online, text and mobile funding applications 365 days of the year. We respond to applications within 24 hours of submission. Decisions are usually made within 1-10 business days. (Translation needs may increase the time to decide.) Once a grant is approved, funds can be wired within 24 hours to 10 business days, dependent on need.



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SMS/text message: +1 415-496-6365

Office phone: +1 415-523-0360

Mail: Urgent Action Fund, 660 13th Street, Suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612, USA

Accessibility needs: If you have any communication access needs such as Sign Language interpretation, Screen reader access or would prefer Easy-to-Read format, please contact UAF at We will do our best to meet your accessibility needs.


Please take the time to review our funding criteria below to determine if you are eligible for funding.


UAF was established to provide support to women and trans human rights defenders/activists or organizations led by women or trans activists when an unexpected situation arises that requires an immediate and time-urgent response to uphold human rights. We provide two types of Rapid Response Grants:

SECURITY: The safety and security of women or trans human rights defenders/activists/organizations are threatened as a result of their human rights work.

OPPORTUNITY: An unexpected moment or opportunity for advocacy or mobilization that may result in advancements for women and LGBTQI’s rights, such as changes in legal decisions, policy, and laws, or a shift in public attitudes and practices.

GRANT SIZE: UAF’s grants do not exceed US$8,000. The final grant amount awarded is determined by the UAF staff.

GRANT PERIOD: Security grants are up to 3 months; Opportunity grants are up to 6 months


Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights accepts applications for support from countries in Canada, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia, The South Caucasus, Turkey, United States, and Western Europe.

Applicants from other parts of the world should apply to one of our Sister Urgent Action Funds.


  1. Women/Trans-led – women/trans people must be the primary decision-makers in the organization, group, or action.
  2. Women or Trans Human Rights Focus – the actions proposed will promote the advancement of women’s or trans human rights using nonviolent tactics or strategies.
  3. Unanticipated and Time Urgent – the specific event or situation your organization is responding to was unanticipated, and actions must happen quickly to be effective. Actions must be implemented within 3-6 months of approval of an application.
  4. Supported/Networked – the group has the support of others involved in women’s human rights or related fields, locally or globally


  • UAF prioritizes funding for organizations that have an operating budget size of less than $1 Million.
  • Marginalized communities
  • Groups with limited access to resources and donor support


  • Individuals that are not activists
  • Cisgender (A cisgender person is someone who exclusively identifies as the sex that person was assigned at birth) men or male-led organizations or networks
  • Planned projects/activities/service delivery programs
  • Charity/humanitarian assistance/social services
  • Annual operating costs (rent, salary, overhead costs)
  • Bridge/gap funding
  • Scholarships
  • Organizations with a budget of over $1 million USD
  • Capital projects


UAF’s grantmaking is informed by our country and regional advisors on whom we rely on to assess applications. Final decisions are communicated to applicants after we have received endorsements from advisors, UAF peer networks, or references provided by the applicant.


The proposal will only be shared with regional and country advisors, or UAF’s trusted contacts as needed. We respect and value the privacy and confidentiality needs of our partners, particularly in contexts where security is a concern.