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ACTIVISTS: Women. Disability. Feminism. is a collective based in Russia. Led by and for women and LGBTQI people with disabilities, it demands full equality and respect for their rights. As the only association in Russia of its kind, Women. Disability. Feminism. aims to increase public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with disabilities.

CONTEXT: With domestic violence recently decriminalized in


ACTIVISTS: Candace is the founder of Project Blackbird and a human rights activist who works to inspire collective healing, wellness, and the liberation of women, queer, non-binary, and trans communities.

CONTEXT: Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of incarceration for women and people of color in the USA, many of whom are serving disproportionately long sentences. In particular, Oklahoma’s

#FundCourage: Aizhan Kadralieva

ACTIVISTS: Labrys, a grassroots platform for the advancement and protection of the human rights of LGBTQI people in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, engage a variety of advocacy tools through a network of intergenerational activists. Aizhan, a young, queer activist, is their Advocacy and Education Program Coordinator.

CONTEXT: Because there is a growing trend of violent state and non-state backlash

#FundCourage: Faika Deniz Pasha


ACTIVISTS: As a member of the Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force, a collective of lawyers, psychologists, and activists from Kurdistan, Turkey, and Cyprus, Faika works to document the experiences of Yazidi women surviving ISIS capture and enslavement.

CONTEXT: Beginning in August 2014, ISIS invaded Northern Iraq and massacred Yazidi, Assyrian, Turcoman, Shia

#FundCourage: Krystyna Kacpura


ACTIVIST: Krystyna is the Executive Director of Federation for Women and Family Planning in Poland, an organization dedicated to advancing the basic human right that women have the right to decide if they wish to have children.

CONTEXT: Second to Ireland, Poland has the strictest abortion laws in Europe. In March 2018, an “anti-abortion bill” was unexpectedly

#GIVE2COURAGE: Ukei Muratalieva

ACTIVISTS: Nazik Kyz is a public association of young women with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan. Working with local, regional, and international feminist initiatives, they promote societal acceptance of girls and women with disabilities, advocating for their rights to a full and independent life.

CONTEXT: Kyrgyzstan has not yet ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. And 175,000

#Give2Courage: Nighat Dad

THE ACTIVIST: Nighat Dad is the Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation, a lawyer, and human rights activist campaigning for digital freedom of expression and privacy for women, minorities, and dissidents in Pakistan and around the globe.

THE CONTEXT: Calls to the Digital Rights Foundation increased by 50% following the “honor killing” of social media star and cultural commentator,

#Give2Courage: Lian Gogali

THE ACTIVIST: Lian dedicates her life to empowering and educating women in her community. At the age of 29, Lian started The Women’s School to bring together women from different religions and ethnicities to transform them into agents of peace and justice and end the cycle of violence.

THE CONTEXT: In late 2011, tensions began escalating among religious and ethnic

#Give2Courage: Farida Lansarova

THE ACTIVIST: Farida is a leading social media activists in Kyrgyzstan who runs a popular blog speaking out for sexual rights and condemning violence against women. Through her blog, Farida has become an important voice for young women in Kyrgyzstan who have traditionally been excluded from discussing these issues in public.

THE CONTEXT: Women in Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central

#Give2Courage: Kamilia Manaf

THE ACTIVIST: Kamilia founded Institut Pelangi Perempuan (IPP) to use “edufuntainment” (comic books, magazines, youth clubs, poetry and social media) to challenge stereotypes and to empower young, queer women in her country. A young activist herself, she also serves on the Board of International Lesbian and Gay Association Asia and is the founder of Indonesia’s first women boxing club for