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MacKenzie Scott’s Giving Is Transforming Philanthropy – And The Urgent Action Funds Too!

It is with gratitude and irrepressible smiles that the sisterhood of Urgent Action Funds announces our collective receipt of MacKenzie Scott’s generous, transformative, and indeed “human and soft” gift of $20 million.

All the words we could possibly use would be an understatement of the impact that this gift will have on the Urgent Action Funds. Wholly unrestricted, it aligns

Grantee Highlight: Louisiana Bucket Brigade and RISE St. James

The Gulf Coast has a rich history of grassroots activism to combat environmental pollution and climate crisis. Many community organizations have spearheaded intersectional movements to oppose extractive industries that are exasperating already polluted areas that are home to majority communities of color. In Louisiana alone, the notorious Cancer Alley is situated along an 85 mile stretch of land that has

UAF Featured In “Philanthropy Women” on the Launch of the COVID Crisis Fund For Feminist Activists

UAF Launches COVID Crisis Fund For Feminist Activists

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, feminist activists, institutions, and individuals around the world need immediate access to funding and other forms of support. Many aid packages have already been deployed to the people who need them most, but some other lesser-known populations are in danger of falling by the wayside.

A Window Into The Lives Of Activists

From the desk of Kate Kroeger reflecting on the meaningful and effective work done by the activists we support: Every year around this time, I make it a practice to look back on Urgent Action Fund’s work and take stock of what happened in the world and how feminist activists responded.  Reading through the descriptions of each grant we made

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights Is Apart of SIDAS Strategy for Global Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Rights

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights is proud to be working with The Strategy for Swedish Development Cooperation for Gender Equality for women and girls.  The Strategy for Swedish Development Cooperation for Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ rights 2018-2022 reflects the fact that we see a backlash against Gender Equality globally that progress made is being challenged. This

2015 Annual Report: Funding Courage

Urgent Action Fund awarded a record 143 rapid response grants in 2015 to protect & sustain women’s and LGBTI rights activists in more than 40 countries worldwide. Thank you for supporting these courageous leaders on the frontlines of change.

The activists we partner with are resilient, innovative leaders who are rising up to the challenges of our times. They

Urgent Action Fund Makes Its 1500th Rapid Grant!

We are proud to announce that Urgent Action Fund made its 1500th rapid response grant! This important milestone represents the hard work of board and staff; the tremendous generosity of our supporters; and, the courage and resilience of women’s rights activists worldwide who continue to rise up for equality and justice.

The grant went to support Women’s Network Croatia

Celebrate Mothers. Celebrate Activists.

The women and trans* human rights defenders that Urgent Action Fund supports are diverse and come from all walks of life. They may be journalists, social workers, civil servants, grandmothers, artists, farmers, teachers, or more. What unites them is that they have gone to great lengths to advocate for and protect the human rights of women, girls and LGBTI people