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Women Walk For Peace in Korea

On Sunday, May 24 2015, thirty women leaders from around the world made a rare and risky crossing of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea to call for peace on the 70th anniversary of the division of the Korean Peninsula.

While a temporary ceasefire agreement has been in place for more than 60 years following the ended

The Power of Stories to Secure Rights for Refugee Women

Sana Saleem is a Pakistani journalist, blogger, and co-founder of Bolo Bhi, a NGO that supports freedom of expression through multimedia and advocacy campaigns.

Hong Kong relies on the UNHCR to process its refugee claims and has no domestic asylum process. As a result, asylum seekers and refugee women have limited rights in Hong Kong, are unable to work, and

The Power of Stories to Secure Rights for Refugee Women

In March 2013, Hong Kong’s High Court made a landmark decision to overhaul the city-state’s refugee status determination process by the end of the year. This month, the government is holding legislative sessions to determine what this new structure will look like. In response to this opportunity, 25-year-old Pakistani journalist, blogger, and one of the founders of Karachi-based free expression