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Urgent Action: Supporting the Victims of Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

On February 6, 2023, a series of violent earthquakes struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria. At the time of writing, more than 36,000 people have died, and over 3,000 buildings have collapsed. It’s hard to estimate how many more people are buried underneath the rubble. 

Here at UAF we stand in solidarity with all those affected

Why We’re Acting Now to Support Feminist Activism and Grassroots Organizing in the United States

Since 2016, the political conditions in the United States have become overwhelmingly violent and oppressive. The altrightwing and fascism has become increasingly organized and emboldened. The need for rapid-response grantmaking to support and protect feminist activists who are fighting for radical systems change continues to grow, and Urgent Action Fund (UAF) is stepping up to listen and support our grantee

Three Ways Funders Can Act Today to Protect Reproductive Rights

Today, the United States Supreme Court reversed Roe v Wade, a decision that protected the right of millions of people across the country to an abortion without government interference. Today’s decision changes that, and now people across the country find their reproductive rights further restricted and access to abortions considerably limited.

This decision has serious consequences for reproductive rights and

The Potential Consequences of Overturning Roe v Wade

And How to Act Now to Protect Reproductive Rights

It’s May 2022, almost 50 years after the landmark Roe v Wade decision went into effect. This landmark decision was made to protect a person’s right to an abortion without government restriction or interference.

And now that right to choose is under threat. This summer, the United States Supreme Court is

Urgent Action Alert: Kazakhstan

As many in our community may have seen across several news & media reports – the situation in Kazakhstan has escalated to a deeply concerning level of violence. Stun grenades, water cannons, and tear gas have been deployed against protestors – killing dozens and severely injuring thousands. We are actively monitoring and wholly reject the use of misinformation and propaganda

Challenge Inclusivity At Generation Equality Forum Paris

Generation Equality Forum (GEF) is the UN Women-convened summit to accelerate gender equality investment, kicked off in Mexico City on March 29-31, 2021, and culminated in Paris on June 30-July 2.

Earlier this year, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights co-organized an event at GEF’s Mexico forum which focused on women human rights defender (WHRD)  protection with activists and

Toward Gender Justice: A Call to Center the Full Participation, Power, and Perspectives of Intersectional Feminist Activists in the Generation Equality Forum and Beyond

The upcoming Generation Equality Forum is the most important opportunity we have had in nearly three decades to center the power, participation, and well-being of women and girls, trans, gender non-binary and intersex people. 

As a collaborative of feminist funds who provide holistic support to community-based intersectional feminist activist movements led by and for women, girls, trans, gender non-binary and

In Remembrance: Tatiana

Tatiana Cordero Velásquez, our Sister, Tati, Executive Director of the Urgent Action Fund Latin America & the Caribbean, became an ancestor on April 13, 2021.

Tati was the embodiment of feminism, a wise and soulful being, a beloved friend to feminist movements globally, a mother, sister, daughter… a Bruja.

Tati’s presence in a room brought you in and commanded your

UAF at CSW65

From March 15-26 UN entities, representatives of global states, and civil society organizations gathered together for the 65th session of the Commission on the Status of Women, the UN’s largest annual gathering exclusively dedicated to promoting women’s rights. Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights and several partners came together to co-organize and speak at various events during

2020 UAF Grantmaking Highlights

2020 magnified discriminations and inequalities experienced across gender identity, race, class, immigration status, and geography in ways we have never seen before. Check out our 2020 Rapid Response Grantmaking (RRG) Infographic to see how UAF responded to the moment and stood by feminist activists!

2020 was a record-breaking year for UAF’s grantmaking. Some 2020 highlights include:

  • UAF gave the most