This moment was never about a verdict. It was and will always be about justice.

We stand in solidarity with the family and friends of George Floyd. We grieve with them knowing that no verdict can fill the hole of their loss. We honor their pain and their hurt, they who would much rather have their father, their brother, their cousin, their son, than any verdict. We stand in solidarity with the community of Minneapolis, the Black-led organizations and movements who took to the streets

Protection of Women Human Rights Defenders, An Imperative For The Achievement Of Equality

For Immediate Release There is no gender equality without protection for women defenders. March 30, 2021- According to Global Witness, around the world, an average of four people each week have been killed since 2015 for speaking out against companies appropriating territories and wreaking havoc on the environment. Additionally, the most recent report from Frontline Defenders found that 28% of human rights defenders killed in 2020 worked for women’s human

Urgent Action Fund stands in solidarity with Asian Communities

Urgent Action Fund stands in solidarity with Asian communities and the families of those who have suffered loss and pain due to the recent attacks on Atlanta-area spas. On Tuesday, March 16, Daoyou Feng, Paul Andre Michels, Hyeon Jeong Park, Julie Park, Xiaojie Tan, Delaina Ashley Yaun, and two more people whose names have not yet been released, were murdered in a string of deadly shootings at three Asian spas

Why The Climate Crisis Needs Feminism

Urgent Action Fund’s Grants Officer Bella Bat-Erdene discusses in an article for Mongabay.com why the climate crisis needs Feminism: As we welcome the new year, Democrats control both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, creating real momentum to advance campaign-promised actions on climate change. With this opportunity, a realization of the Green New Deal is finally within reach. Although the standing Green New Deal offers a substantial plan to

MacKenzie Scott’s Giving Is Transforming Philanthropy – And The Urgent Action Funds Too!

It is with gratitude and irrepressible smiles that the sisterhood of Urgent Action Funds announces our collective receipt of MacKenzie Scott’s generous, transformative, and indeed “human and soft” gift of $20 million. All the words we could possibly use would be an understatement of the impact that this gift will have on the Urgent Action Funds. Wholly unrestricted, it aligns with our own Sister Fund principles of philanthropy, which center

Youth Artivists Use Ingenious Ways to Spark Conversation About Our Changing Climate

Youth-led movements are re-energizing the climate justice movement with their fresh ideas, voices, and artivism to redefine frontline activism. Across the world, they are taking bold action to raise awareness around the urgency of the climate crisis and its specific impact on young people. This year was a true test of the rapid and flexible nature of Urgent Action Fund’s work. UAF has spent decades with its ears on the

Meet UAF’s New Director of Programs, Otibho Obianwu!

UAF is thrilled to introduce our new Director of Programs, Otibho Obianwu. We hope that you will join us in welcoming Otibho and know that you will enjoy getting to know her, her work, and her impact for and with our communities and movements. “I feel very fortunate to be joining a formidable feminist institution at a pivotal time for women, trans, and non-binary activists, our movements and communities. I

Feminist Activist Are Organizing Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

Today COVID-19 is as much a risk to feminist activists as it was when it first emerges across continents. Activists have been organizing and mobilizing in their communities to be able to respond as they continue to advocate for the rights of women, trans and non-binary activists everywhere. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic prompted UAF to reimagine what resourcing activists and funding movements looked like. We listened to our

Grantee Highlight: Louisiana Bucket Brigade and RISE St. James

The Gulf Coast has a rich history of grassroots activism to combat environmental pollution and climate crisis. Many community organizations have spearheaded intersectional movements to oppose extractive industries that are exasperating already polluted areas that are home to majority communities of color. In Louisiana alone, the notorious Cancer Alley is situated along an 85 mile stretch of land that has over 150 plants and refineries that release cancer-causing emissions in

UAF Featured In “Philanthropy Women” on the Launch of the COVID Crisis Fund For Feminist Activists

UAF Launches COVID Crisis Fund For Feminist Activists In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, feminist activists, institutions, and individuals around the world need immediate access to funding and other forms of support. Many aid packages have already been deployed to the people who need them most, but some other lesser-known populations are in danger of falling by the wayside. One of these groups of vulnerable people includes feminist activists: