The Emerging Roles of Collective Care for Global Feminist Movements: What You Need To Know About the Urgent Action Funds New Report

The Urgent Action Funds, a consortium of four autonomous feminist funds (Urgent Action Fund-Africa, Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific, Urgent Action Fund Latin America and the Caribbean, and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights), launched a report that provides insights on prioritizing collective care to mitigate risks and promote the well-being and sustainability of feminist movements. “How Can We Ground Ourselves in Care and Dance Our Revolution?”

Urgent Action: Supporting the Victims of Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

On February 6, 2023, a series of violent earthquakes struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria. At the time of writing, more than 36,000 people have died, and over 3,000 buildings have collapsed. It’s hard to estimate how many more people are buried underneath the rubble.  Here at UAF we stand in solidarity with all those affected by the earthquakes and call for conscious and equitable funding

Why We’re Acting Now to Support Feminist Activism and Grassroots Organizing in the United States

Since 2016, the political conditions in the United States have become overwhelmingly violent and oppressive. The altrightwing and fascism has become increasingly organized and emboldened. The need for rapid-response grantmaking to support and protect feminist activists who are fighting for radical systems change continues to grow, and Urgent Action Fund (UAF) is stepping up to listen and support our grantee partners across the country. From 2019 on, UAF’s grantmaking in

Three Ways Funders Can Act Today to Protect Reproductive Rights

Today, the United States Supreme Court reversed Roe v Wade, a decision that protected the right of millions of people across the country to an abortion without government interference. Today’s decision changes that, and now people across the country find their reproductive rights further restricted and access to abortions considerably limited. This decision has serious consequences for reproductive rights and women’s human rights, as well as potential repercussions for precedents

Over $3 Million Awarded to Feminist Activists in Ukraine

Since the war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights has quickly responded, awarding rapid response grants to feminist activists in need. We have awarded over $3 million in urgent response funding, and made over 130 grants in 15 countries.  These grants, while serving as just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the help and support needed in Ukraine, have made

The Feminist Innovation Fund: Resourcing Climate Justice through a Feminist Lens

In 2021, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights piloted a new funding initiative, the Feminist Innovation Fund. This past year, the Fund’s main focus was to resource feminist movements across regions to pilot intersectional projects highlighting gender and climate justice, focusing on the growing of feminist movements and bringing marginalized voices (including women, LGBTQI communities, persons with disabilities) into the climate conversation. The impetus for this funding was the

Urgent Action: Our Response to Support Feminist Activists in Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine just a few weeks ago – on February 24, 2022 – it was the start of a war with serious implications for Ukraine, women and gender rights activists, and the world as a whole.  Since the invasion, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights (UAF) has received an outpouring of support for our Urgent Response Fund to help get resources into the hands of women and

Urgent Action Alert: Kazakhstan

As many in our community may have seen across several news & media reports – the situation in Kazakhstan has escalated to a deeply concerning level of violence. Stun grenades, water cannons, and tear gas have been deployed against protestors – killing dozens and severely injuring thousands. We are actively monitoring and wholly reject the use of misinformation and propaganda attempting to create false narratives about the necessity of these

Supporting Reproductive Freedom Post-SB8 in Texas

The passage of Senate Bill 8 (SB8) in Texas went into effect on September 1 and is one of the most restrictive laws at the state level to chip away at Roe vs. Wade. SB8 makes it illegal to have an abortion after six weeks, a period where most individuals who are pregnant may not know they are expecting a child. This law does not allow exemptions in circumstances involving

UAF Co-Hosted A Global Solidarity Series: Palestine Episodes

From June to July, UAF and our partners co-organized a series of conversations for funders on building solidarity with historically marginalized communities and social movements in Brazil, Colombia, Palestine, India, and Myanmar. In this Global Solidarity Series, funders committed to addressing structural inequities and standing in solidarity with oppressed people in the Global South acknowledging that they must do their part in understanding the immense challenges facing social movements led