Reflections from the Dublin Platform

By Danny Kaufman, Development & Communications Officer, Urgent Action Fund San Francisco, November 11, 2013   “No one should take a bullet for their ideas. You should live for them, not die for them.”  These were the opening remarks from the Seventh Annual Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders, organized by our long-time partner Frontline Human Rights Defenders. The three-day Platform brought together more than 140 human rights defenders from

Why Does Women’s Equality Matter?

By Kate Kroeger, Executive Director, Urgent Action Fund San Francisco, September 17, 2013   In my line of work, I often get the question: “Why does equality for women and girls matter?” To me, a world without equality for women and girls is like flying a plane with only one wing. To solve any of the issues of our day – from poverty alleviation to defending everyone’s human rights – we

The Power of Stories to Secure Rights for Refugee Women

In March 2013, Hong Kong’s High Court made a landmark decision to overhaul the city-state’s refugee status determination process by the end of the year. This month, the government is holding legislative sessions to determine what this new structure will look like. In response to this opportunity, 25-year-old Pakistani journalist, blogger, and one of the founders of Karachi-based free expression NGO Bolo Bhi, Sana Saleem, recently requested support from UAF

Remembering Sunila

To the Urgent Action Fund Community, It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of our former board chair, Sunila Abeysekera, earlier today in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a sad moment for human rights activists in Sri Lanka and around the world. And it is a sad moment for all of us at Urgent Action Fund. Today we also honor the leadership and passion she brought

Women’s survival strategies in Chechnya: from self-care to caring for each other

Keely Tongate, Director of Programs Luiza encounters regular violence and intimidation in her work helping women survivors of state-sponsored violence. Living under the Chechen regime, activist women need a combination of self and community care. Luiza has seen many attempts to silence Chechen human rights activists. There was the car with tell-tale tinted windows and no number plates that tried to run over her sister, after she gave a speech

Urgent Action Fund is Hiring!

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Urgent Action Fund team.  Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights is a global women’s fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women’s and trans* human rights activists and movements at critical moments. We offer a dynamic and fast-paced work environment that encourages professional growth and leadership. We are an activist fund, governed by an international Board of Directors that

UAF makes its first-ever grant to support LGBT rights in Burma

“On the nights of July 6th and 7th, twelve gay and transgender people were arrested along the east and southeast areas of the Mandalay moat and subjected to verbal, physical, and sexual abuse by police officials… Approximately ten policemen assaulted the detainees verbally and physically—kicking them, hitting them with police batons, and yelling at them with homophobic slurs and violent threats. One detainee, a 35-year old make-up artist who shared

Standing Up Against Russia’s ‘Foreign Agent’ Law

In recent months, hundreds of NGOs across Russia have faced unannounced background checks as a result of the “Foreign Agents” Law. The bill, signed into law by President Vladimir Putin on July 21, 2012, requires nonprofit organizations that receive funding from outside Russia to publicly declare themselves as “foreign agents”– a term that, to Russians, evokes memories from the cold war-era and is meant to discredit the organizations’ work. The

Casting her vote: Women increase participation in Pakistan’s elections

Pakistan’s national election on 11 May 2013 was a historic event. In addition to being the country’s first transfer of power from one civilian government to another, Pakistan’s election represented a milestone for Pakistani women. Figures released by the Election Commission show a 130% increase in the number of women contesting general seats since the country’s last national election in 2008. While the country’s constitution guarantees a specific number of

UAF is on the move!

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights has moved its offices to a new location. Our new address is 2301 Mission St., Suite 105, San Francisco, CA 94110. Our new telephone number is 415-523-0360 and our fax number is (415) 520-0626. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, UAF’s new offices are inside of Plaza Adelante, a vibrant community space of nonprofit organizations offering holistic services to