On “keeping going while things are stirring…”& the ongoing women’s marches

Shalini Eddens One year ago, over 3 million people around the United States took to the streets to protest a government whose rhetoric and tone threatened human rights and contradicted basic human values like respect, kindness, fairness, and integrity. The Women’s March was a pivotal moment both in the United States and globally. It was an outpouring of love and a public expression of outrage. It lit fires of creative

First Legal Report of its Kind Documenting the Experiences of WHRDS Launches on Human Rights Day

“Closing space” refers to a term used by human rights defenders to explain the diminishing freedom to practice their activism. This may seem like a counterintuitive concept to some, as 2017 felt to many as a year of increased activism and unapologetic advocacy in the face of growing fundamentalist regimes around the world. But arguably it is the non-visible elements of our disappearing freedom that makes “closing space” so dangerous.

Looking back on 2017 + resourcing 2018

Funding rapid response grants for the collective care and resilience of women means that our core value is co-responsibility.  Co-responsibility to activists in attaining justice for women. Partners with human rights defenders in the many movements they lead. And there for activists when they need it most. In 2017 the demand for support of women’s human rights grew everywhere. Especially for those whose work is fierce, brave, beautiful, and largely

New Fund for Women Human Rights Defenders in Asia Pacific Launched

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  24 October 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka Over one hundred women’s human rights advocates will gather in Colombo, Sri Lanka this evening to celebrate the launch of Urgent Action Fund – Asia Pacific as an independent Sister Fund of the Urgent Action Fund Sister Funds. Urgent Action Fund – Asia Pacific becomes the first rapid response mechanism for women human rights defenders headquartered within the Asia Pacific region.

“Stand with Us!”: Activists Call Funders to Action

Content below originally featured on European Foundation Centre’s blog. In communities globally, feminist groups led by women, girls, and trans and intersex[1] people are collectively organising to make the world more peaceful, democratic and fair. At the same time, a rise in fascist ideologies, authoritarianism, and populist agendas in many parts of the world threatens their work for justice. Repressive agendas put fundamental rights and freedoms at risk and

Funding locally-led, sustainable disaster relief in Mexico

Urgent Action Fund is a leading rapid responder for human rights crises. When natural disasters strike, long-term, community-led responses are needed. In these situations, we recommend donors give to local women’s funds or other community-led funds as they are best positioned to ensure relief and recovery efforts are funded and lead locally. To help women’s groups in Mexico with recovery efforts following two major earthquakes there, consider giving directly to

Mahie Solomon joins the Urgent Action Fund Oakland Team

The Urgent Action Fund community warmly welcomes Mahie Solomon to our Oakland office. Mahie joins as Urgent Action Fund’s Operations Associate and will work closely with UAF’s staff, consultants, and team of 150+ advisors to provide administrative services and operational execution as Urgent Action Fund continues to grow. Mahie identifies as a Black/Ethiopian-American revolutionary intersectional feminist fairy. She pays homage to her mother, grandmother, younger sister, two brothers, uncles, and

On Charlottesville – the need for human rights defenders to keep pushing for cultures of justice, equality, and peace

Shalini Eddens, Director of Programs for Urgent Action Fund On Saturday morning, many of us woke up to the painful and horrible images of the events in Charlottesville. Many watched in disbelief. Many were reminded, yet again, that this country is not much different than it was a half century ago. After months of planning, a well-organized group of white supremacist anti-Semites held one of their largest gatherings in decades.

2016 Annual Report: #FundCourage

Urgent Action Fund awarded a record 173 rapid response grants in 2016 to protect & sustain women’s, trans, and LBTQI rights activists in over 40 countries worldwide. We fund resistance. We fund advocacy. We fund progress. We fund courage.   We support young women of color mobilizing security trainings in response to police brutality and white supremacy. We sponsor legal assistance and media coverage to fortify women’s reproductive rights in the

What does advocacy look like in the current moment, and how should it be funded?

Originally published on Philantopic, a blog of Philanthropy News Digest, a service of Foundation Center. For twenty years, Urgent Action Fund (UAF) has supported frontline activism in the United States and around the world. The need for our funding has never been more apparent, especially here in the U.S. Activists — particularly those who are black, queer, Muslim, or undocumented, as well as others whose identities make them a likely