Our resist and reclaim fund for US activism is here to stay: an update post inauguration

  The morning of November 9, 2016, Urgent Action Fund launched Resist and Reclaim: an Emergency Fund for Women and LGBTQI Activists in the United States. To those who gave to this fund — thank you. As of January 20, 2017 your gifts had already enabled us to provide five rapid response grants to women and trans activists working on pressing human rights issues here in the US. Two

Statement of Support for the Women’s March on Washington

On January 21, 2017, the day after Donald Trump is inaugurated as the President of the United States, people from every corner of the world are taking to the streets in an act of global resistance. The idea of a march started as a Facebook post by Hawaiian grandmother, Teresa Shook, who said, “ I think we should march. The leading Women’s March on Washington, will take place in the

3 things you can do right now about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo

Eastern Aleppo has experienced rampant violence since the Syrian conflict began in 2012. It has been largely deserted because of daily impending airstrikes, but those that have been unable to escape are now caught in unparalleled levels of fighting between Syrian rebel and government forces. The United Nations reported at least 82 execution style killings of civilians. The remaining citizens of Aleppo are tweeting for their lives. Here’s what

#Give2Courage: Nighat Dad

THE ACTIVIST: Nighat Dad is the Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation, a lawyer, and human rights activist campaigning for digital freedom of expression and privacy for women, minorities, and dissidents in Pakistan and around the globe. THE CONTEXT: Calls to the Digital Rights Foundation increased by 50% following the “honor killing” of social media star and cultural commentator, Qandeel Baloch – an escalation of already intense levels of


ProtectDefenders.eu is the European Union Human Rights Defenders Mechanism, established to protect defenders at high risk and facing the most difficult situations worldwide. ProtectDefenders.eu is implemented by a Consortium of twelve international organizations with a proven track record in the field of protection, campaigning and advocacy in favor of human rights defenders. Urgent Action Fund is a member of the Consortium. The following release was issued yesterday at the first

Moving forward fiercely

Engaged colleagues and friends – Urgent Action Fund has received requests from activists in California, New York, and Washington facing serious threats/attacks to their physical bodies, homes and offices. We have also heard from feminist activists in countries such as Russia, Turkey, and India. They worry that the results of our recent election give a green light for governments to disregard or violate human rights and silent voices of dissent.

3 things you can do right now to fortify women’s & LGBTQ equality in the US

Yesterday, the Urgent Action Fund came together to formulate a response to the outcome of the US election. Many of you not only read Kate’s words, but acted on them by donating to our Emergency Fund for Women’s Human Rights & LBTQI Rights Activism in the United States. Thank you for being awake and compassionate on a day when disengagement and disbelief were understandable responses. Yesterday’s results reminded

“Courage is facing the dread and not letting it defeat you”

Kate Kroeger, Urgent Action Fund Whatever you are feeling right now: anger, sorrow, anxiety, disbelief, fear, please know all of these responses are valid. We are also feeling these emotions, today. Our founders’ felt these same emotions when they sat down 20 years ago to start Urgent Action Fund. They too saw women under attack and understood that more work needed to be done. They created space and an organization

Olivia Trabysh joins Urgent Action Fund’s Oakland Team

The Urgent Action Fund community warmly welcomes Olivia Trabysh to our Oakland office. Olivia joins as Urgent Action Fund’s Development & Communications Coordinator and will work closely with UAF’s community of supporters and help to communicate Urgent Action Fund’s impact. Olivia’s exposure to women’s human rights began with her own dichotomous heritage. She hails from both a Canadian metropolis with extensive Eastern European roots and a small, isolated city with

Women stand their ground — from Standing Rock to Boeung Kak

Land, natural resources, and the environment are vital issues for women human rights defenders around the globe. Urgent Action Fund supports this work in countries from Cambodia to the United States. This week, we supported two movements working on these issues, each led by courageous women standing up for the land and for their communities. We provided a rapid advocacy grant to a Native American women’s group playing a critical