Courage Cards

Urgent Action Fund partners with some of the most courageous women and trans* activists around the world. Despite ongoing threats, harassment and violence, the individuals and organizations that we support remain steadfast in their commitment to realizing gender equality through non-violent activism.

The 15 activists featured below embody that spirit of courage through their work to protect and advance the rights of women, girls and trans* people in their communities. Their leadership, determination and resilience push all of us forward in our combined efforts towards justice, equality and peace.




Faika Dena Pasha
This is Courage. Ukei Muratalieva, Kyrgystan. “Why do I need the Convention on Disability Rights to finally be ratified after so many years? That is like asking why do I need to wear clothes? Why do I need to eat? The quality of my life should not be dependent on other people. I simply want to live an independent life according to my values, which my mother taught me.”