Feminist Innovation Fund 2.0

Urgent Action Fund is launching a second round of our Feminist Innovation Fund 2.0 to amplify the transformative work of women, trans, and gender diverse activists working at the intersection of gender justice, environmental and climate justice (ECJ) & collective care.

In line with our deep commitment to centering the leadership of intersectional feminist activists and recognizing the disproportionate impact the current climate crisis has on women and gender-diverse people, this Feminist Innovation Fund 2.0 seeks to support grassroots movements led by women, trans, and gender-diverse people from underrepresented communities in implementing innovative, holistic, and collective care practices and tactics into their activism and organizing to support activists and organizers build ongoing resiliency in the increasingly challenging climate justice fights.

This fund is a special grantmaking initiative separate from our core rapid response funding and has been designed to meet the growing needs of frontline defenders by strengthening and growing their capacity to incorporate collective care practices and opportunities into their activism/organizing that feeds into broader movement resiliency.


The strategies and actions utilized will be determined by frontline defenders. However, the following are examples of  possible actions that this funding can support:

    • Movement Resilience – Training, capacity building, holistic security (physical, psychological/mental health, digital, family support, etc) and peer learning activities that increase local groups’ ability to resist actors and factors that contribute to the climate crisis
    • Collective care – Transformational practices and approaches to self and collective care –and protection –among women, trans, and gender diverse activists, their organizations and movements.
    • New grassroots frameworks – Raising the visibility and uptake of new or lesser-known environmental and climate justice frameworks and concepts that build on the intersections of gender, racial justice, healing justice, collective care, and environmental and climate justice
    • Nurturing Leadership – Building and sustaining the leadership of women, trans, and gender diverse people, youth and/or those historically marginalized. Additionally, supportive resources and services to strengthen, advance, and nourish frontline leaders and activists

If your innovative actions are not listed, we encourage you to contact proposals@urgentactionfund.org to confirm eligibility.


  1. Scope of work must center ECJ, Gender Justice, & Collective Care
  2. Women/Trans-led collectives, groups, and organizations or collectives, groups, and organizations with majority women/trans/gender diverse decision makers (in the case of flat or horizontal structures)
  3. Collectives, groups and organizations with an annual budget under $1 million USD

Priority will be given to work that centers on indigenous, underrepresented, and marginalized communities.


  • Canada
  • Central Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • The United States
  • Russia
  • South Caucasus
  • Turkey


Please take the time to review the funding criteria above to determine if you are eligible.

The deadline to apply is 30th September 2022. The maximum grant amount is $20,000. Select grantees will be notified by 17 November 2022. All grant activities must be completed by 30 November 2023.

 Click Here to Apply to the Feminist Innovation Fund 2.0

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  • UAF prioritizes funding for organizations that have an operating budget size of less than $1 Million.
  • Marginalized communities
  • Groups with limited access to resources and donor support


  • Individuals that are not activists
  • Cisgender (A cisgender person is someone who exclusively identifies as the sex that person was assigned at birth) men or male-led organizations or networks
  • Planned projects/activities/service delivery programs
  • Charity/humanitarian assistance/social services
  • Annual operating costs (rent, salary, overhead costs)
  • Bridge/gap funding
  • Scholarships
  • Organizations with a budget of over $1 million USD
  • Capital projects


UAF’s grantmaking is informed by our country and regional advisors on whom we rely on to assess applications. Final decisions are communicated to applicants after we have received endorsements from advisors, UAF peer networks, or references provided by the applicant.


The proposal will only be shared with regional and country advisors, or UAF’s trusted contacts as needed. We respect and value the privacy and confidentiality needs of our partners, particularly in contexts where security is a concern.