Grantee Profiles

Since 1997, Urgent Action Fund has provided over 1,300 grants to support women and trans* activists in 110 countries around the world. Our Rapid Response Grants support human rights defenders who are working to secure and protect human rights for women and trans* people. We grant funds in two categories:

  • Protection and security of women’s human rights defenders – This includes emergency security measures for organizations and movements, and temporary relocation for individual women’s human rights defenders in contexts of armed conflict, escalating violence or politically volatile environments. For recent examples of protection and security grants, click here.
  • Advocacy by women’s rights movements during time-bound opportunities – This includes opportunities to influence public opinion or public policy, take potentially precedent-setting legal or legislative actions, and organize peaceful demonstrations or protests. For recent examples of advocacy and opportunity grants, click here.

AR2013-stock1Within these two broad grantmaking categories, the activists that Urgent Action Fund support are working on a diversity of issues to protect and advance the human rights of women and trans* people. This includes gender-based violence, reproductive justice, environmental & land rights, indigenous rights, peace building, sex worker’s rights, and LGBTQ rights, among other issue areas.  For examples of the type of issue areas and organizations that we support, see menu items at left.

If you have questions about any of the categories or want to learn more, contact us at To learn about how to apply for a grant, click here.