Our Advisory Network is comprised of more than one hundred international activists who provide crucial input into our Rapid Response Grantmaking process. Advisors have expertise in thematic or regional contexts and are able to provide guidance to the Urgent Action Fund staff and board as grant requests are considered. Specifically, advisors:

  • Give input on the geopolitical conditions described in grant requests;
  • Provide guidance on whether or not the actions in a request are strategic;
  • Advise on the legitimacy of groups submitting a request;

Trusted relationships with advisors around the world allow us to respond quickly to requests for support.

Urgent Action Fund advisors are activists, members of colleague organizations, and/or previous grantees from around the world. They are active in human rights and social justice movements, well connected/networked, and knowledgeable about human rights issues in their country or region. Advisors commit for a three-year term on a volunteer basis.

Advisors are given a comprehensive explanation of Urgent Action Fund’s Rapid Response Grants process and trained in advisor responsibilities. They also receive a small stipend to cover communication expenses.