Our Grantees

Urgent Action Fund supports women’s human rights activists who are striving to create cultures of justice, equality and peace. Rapid Response Grants allow women’s human rights activists to take action in unanticipated and pressing situations. Grantees work on a range of human rights issues including civil and political rights, peacemaking, sexual violence, economic justice, educational justice, environmental justice, indigenous rights, disability rights, sex worker rights, LGBTQI rights, and many more.

Below are a few examples of recent grantees. For more examples, search our grants database or view our Grantee Profiles section.

“Preemptive Peace” in Iraqi Kurdistan

Grantee Name: Asuda
Location: Iraqi Kurdistan
The Situation: In Spring 2011, peaceful protesters in Tunisia and Egypt demanded democracy. The protests spread to Iraqi Kurdistan in early February. Militias turned violent, but the protests continued. The Kurdish women’s organization Asuda believed that Kurdistan needed an independent voice for peace.

Read more about what Asuda accomplished with the support of Urgent Action Fund here.


Securing Prague Pride

Grantee Name: Prague Pride (PP)
Location: Czech Republic
The Situation: In the Czech Republic, a strong right-wing neo-Nazi movement constantly threatens LGBTQI people. A group of LGBTQI organizations had already begun planning the first-ever Prague Pride events for August 2011 and security became a growing concern. As the LGBTQI community has become more visible in the country, the incidence of hate speech has increased.

Learn more about what Prague Pride accomplished with the support of Urgent Action Fund here.


I Am A Witness Campaign

Grantee Name: Coalición de Derechos Humanos (CDH)
Location: United States of America
The Situation: In 2010, the State of Arizona passed Senate Bill 1070, requiring law enforcement agencies to verify the immigration status of individuals that any official suspects may be in the United States without documentation. The law increased xenophobia and made communities of immigrants and people of color feel unsafe. Coalición de Derechos Humanos, an organization that fights militarization of the Southern Border region and human rights abuses by law enforcement officials, reached out to Urgent Action Fund.

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