Our Supporters

Urgent Action Fund’s supporters provide critical resources to women and transgender human rights defenders working for justice and equality. We value the time, resources and energy of donors, volunteers and advocates. Every donation, every hour spent working on projects with us, every discount on business services, is priceless. We are grateful to our allies all over the world. For a complete list of our current supporters, please see our 2014 Annual Report. To learn more about how we protect your personal information, read our Donor Privacy Policy here.

Here is what some of our supporters say about why they give:

Shalini Swaroop, social justice attorney and donor to Urgent Action Fund

“I volunteered with Urgent Action Fund for two years during college. Through my work with UAF, I was inspired to become a lawyer to work on international women’s human rights, just like the role models I admired on the UAF Board. I’ve now worked for many women’s human rights organizations, from volunteering with Nagarik Aawaz in Nepal, to assisting with litigation at the ACLU Women’s Rights Project. My experience with UAF helped shape me as a professional, an activist, and a person. I have donated to UAF every year since I began volunteering and hope to contribute in a more substantive way now that UAF has moved down the street!”


Jane Lewenthal, financial advisor and donor to Urgent Action Fund

“I became a supporter of UAF in 1997 when I heard from Julie Shaw, one of the co-founders and the first Executive Director, about the urgent needs of women activists and their inspiring stories. I’ve remained a supporter because of seeing how seriously UAF has taken its role and how diligently it has managed its resources.”




Ranil Abeysekera, member of worker owned collective, Inkworks Press, and donor to Urgent Action Fund

“Urgent Action Fund provides the financial support women in critical situations need to preserve their integrity and safety.”




Chela Blitt, videomaker, donor, and former Board Member of Urgent Action Fund

“Because I feel a common sense of purpose with the grantees of Urgent Action Fund, I am compelled to do what I can so that their actions are supported. By donating to Urgent Action Fund since its inception, serving on the Board for many years, and now volunteering, I am able to participate in a movement that I believe in the long run will make the world safer and more just.”



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