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Shawthab Foundation for Childhood & Development (SF)

Sana'a Yemen
October 2011

Grant Description

In early 2011, popular uprisings began to emerge across the Arab world, and in February, the people of Yemen began to gather in the streets to demand change. However, these mass mobilizations have also caused much social and economic uncertainty and instability. As a result, many people have lost their jobs and the number of women living on the streets or turning to begging as a source of income has increased. In this situation, women are further exposed to the threat of violence, arrest, and sexual harassment, and now, with the escalation of armed conflict and violence, they are in danger of being caught in the crossfire. Shawthab Foundation for Childhood & Development (SF) requested funds to hold trainings and awareness courses to educate women on their rights and teach them skills for protecting themselves in the midst of armed conflict.

SF is a civil society organization whose mission is to promote women’s and children’s rights and encourage their development in every aspect of life through education, social health and human rights.

Impact Report

Funds were used for two training courses for street girls, one on women’s rights and self-protection from harassment and violence, and the other on teaching skills for implementing income-generating projects. As a result, the girls gained an awareness of their rights and of mechanisms to protect themselves in the streets, and the larger community is also more aware of the need for policies and laws supporting women. Shawthab Foundation also publicized its activities with traditional and social media, and held an opening ceremony, which led to connections with local businessmen, who expressed interest in supporting SF’s projects and expanding them to other areas. SF now has plans to hold additional training courses for more girls in two areas of the capital, which will be supported by the private sector.