Urgent Action Fund researches questions of critical importance to women’s human rights activists, then publishes the results. These publications are used to inform our Advocacy and Alliance Building.

Each research project undertaken by Urgent Action Fund is grounded in our experiences as a grantmaker through the review of our grants and requests, and engagement with our activist Board of Directors, grantees and key advisers around the world. We make experimental or exploratory grants around a particular issue in order to better understand and support women defenders work in that area. Each publication is designed to be used as an advocacy tool in the hands of activists and their allies and is distributed in local languages whenever possible.

The following publications, issue papers, conference proceedings and annual reports may be downloaded free of charge. All documents are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader. If you need to download Adobe Reader, you can do so here.

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2016 Annual Report: #FundCourage
Urgent Action Fund awarded a record 173 rapid response grants to protect & sustain women's, trans, and LBTQI rights activists worldwide. Our 2016 Annual Report shares their courageous stories.
Standing Firm: Women and Trans-Led Organizations Respond to Closing Space for Civil Society (2017)
In collaboration with Mama Cash, we offer this report as a tool, resource, and testimony to inform the understanding of how closing space, in all its forms, has a gendered impact.
Funding Courage: Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation, Solidarity, and Activism (2017)
For over 20 years, Urgent Action Fund has supported defenders in unforeseen crises and in unexpected moments of opportunity. In our 20th report we share insights gleaned from our pioneering rapid response grantmaking model, consortium of Sister Funds, and holistic security focus.
2015 Annual Report: Funding Courage
Urgent Action Fund awarded a record 143 rapid response grants to protect & sustain women's and LGBTI rights activists in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our 2015 Annual Report shares their courageous stories.
In Our Bones: Stories From Women Defending Land, Community, Human Rights and the Environment in Indonesia and the Philippines (2015)
The report features the stories of nine grassroots women leaders working at the intersection of the environment, human rights, and gender equality.
2014 Annual Report: Courageous Activists, Resilient Communities
The courageous activists that Urgent Action Fund support make their communities more equitable, more just, and more resilient. We invite you to read their powerful stories in our 2014 annual report.
2013 Annual Report
Use the hashtag #FundCourage to share why supporting courageous women and LGBTQ activists is important to you.
Policy Brief on Movement Building and Advocacy Priorities in Burma (2014)
A Policy Brief from a November 2013 Convening for Burmese women's activists hosted by the Women’s League of Burma and Urgent Action Fund.
Report on Women's Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa (2013)
A strategic reflection on a one-day gathering with 20+ feminist activists from the Middle East and North Africa region in Tunis, Tunisia.
IHRFG Pre-Conference Institute "Security of Human Rights Defenders: Supporting Grantee Safety" Report (2013)
Summary of the International Human Rights Funders Group's (IHRFG) Pre-Conference Institute on "Security of Human Rights Defenders: Supporting Grantee Safety," held in San Francisco, CA on January 23, 2013.
2012 Annual Report: 15 Years of Funding Courage
Looking back at 15 years of funding courageous women's and LGBTQ movements striving to create cultures of justice, equality and peace.
Global Report on the Situation of Women Human Rights Defenders (2012)
A report created by the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRD International Coalition) to articulate the challenges faced by women human rights defenders and how best to respond to them.
ICTM Report (2012)
Impacts of ‘Counterterrorism Measures (ICTM) on Women’s Human Rights Activism in Asia: Risks, Responses & Recommendations
2011 Annual Report
Urgent Action Fund's Annual Report 2011
Urgent Responses for Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk: Mapping and Preliminary Assessment (2011)
This mapping of resources for women human rights defenders was developed by Inmaculada Barcia and facilitated by the Association for Women’s Rights In Development (AWID) as part of its work as Chair of the Working Group on Urgent Responses for WHRDs at Risk of the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition.
Integrated Security Manual (2011)
The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights translated the research for Insiste, Persiste, Resiste, Existe: Women Human Rights Defenders Security Strategies (Resiste) into practical tools to support women human rights defenders in developing and deepening strategies to stay safe and well. During this phase, "Integrated Security: The Manual" was designed and tested through a series of around 30 integrated security workshops for more than 300 women human rights defenders, as well as human rights defenders of other genders from over 50 countries worldwide. An interactive, online version of the manual is available here:
2010 Annual Report
Urgent Action Fund's Annual Report 2010
2009 Annual Report
Urgent Action Fund's Annual Report 2009
A Decade of Innovation (2008)
A publication celebrating UAF\'s 10 year Anniversary
Insiste, Persiste, Resiste, Existe (2008)
This document shares the voices of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) from all over the world. Each woman speaks of her experience combating violence and discrimination in complex contexts, such as situations of overt or hidden conflict, organized armed violence and rising fundamentalisms in Iran, Colombia, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Algeria, Tunisia, Bosnia, Serbia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
What’s the Point of Revolution if We Can’t Dance? (2007)
This book shares the experiences of more than 100 activists from around the world regarding the sustainability of their activism. Topics include their fears, hopes, exhaustion, exaltation, grief, loss, pain, pleasure, humor, spirituality, funding crunches, backbiting and burnout, self-worth, desire, selfishness, and selflessness. The book played a critical role in the development of Urgent Action Fund’s Sustaining Activism concept and helped to draw attention to this critical issue in funding and activist circles alike.
Philanthropy at Risk (2007)
Outlines how the nonprofit sector has been saddled with major restrictions in spite of a complete lack of evidence that nonprofits are the source of any systematic or widespread violations of law or connections with terrorism.
Rising up in Response (2005)
A synopsis of Urgent Action Fund’s efforts to establish a deeper understanding of the work and obstacles facing women’s human rights activists within the international advocacy community.
Voices of Solidarity (2005)
International women activists share their perspective on the Hurricane Katrina Disaster in the United States.
Gender Focused Rapid Response Teams (2003)
This document offers an in-depth analysis of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) concept, provides a framework for exploring various options of how an RRT could be made active, and points out the traps and potential obstacles.
Gender Focused Rapid Response Teams Summary (2003)
This summary highlights key points of the Rapid Response Teams concept and the expert discussion that UAF convened in London, England in November 2002.